Single Sideband Net on VHF

17 Oct
The ‘225 net’ meets each Thursday night @ 7pm on a frequency of 144.225 MHz using USB.  Host/Net Control is Merlin, VE7OR, operating from Chinatown in Vancouver. I typically sign in, getting 5×7 signal reports from Merlin, from my place ... Read more »

Dave VA7DWZ and Mount Arrowsmith

24 Sep

Yesterday I helped the Arrowsmith radio club install a new digi-peater antenna at their VE7KU repeater on Mt. Arrowsmith-ish. Drove logging roads to 1,200 metres, and then a 1/2-hour alpine hike to the tower. It was great fun 🙂  Antenna not yet installed in picture.

Dave Randall VA7DWZ


Editor’s note:  Dave is an enthusiastic graduate of this year’s Ham Class