Canada Day Cross Canada IRLP Net

26 Jun

On Monday, July 1, there will be a Special Canada Day Cross Canada IRLP Net. This will happen at 0800h local time on the WARA 146.840 repeater.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this net, all operators in every province and territory (that has an IRLP node) check in and say a few words, and pass good wishes to all on the net. It is normally held each Wednesday morning at 0800h local time.

The net starts in BC and moves across  Canada. It returns to BC for one more round of check-ins across the country.

It is a directed net, so the usual net protocols are in place. For those of you that have not used the IRLP system, you must key the microphone and pause for a second before speaking to let the IRLP system kick in. Please join us as we celebrate our great nation’s birthday.

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