WARA’s Emergency Radio Kits

26 Jan

By Len Howland VE7BSA   

Many years ago before the current well-developed emergency radio groups did so, WARA developed emergency radio procedures and training in support of the Canadian Red Cross, BC Coastal Region.  Tote boxes containing 2-metre radios, antennas, co-ax cables, manuals, message forms etc. were built.  This is the legacy that brings us to today.

Over the last couple of years our radio equipment has been packed into a suitcase-style container for ease of handling and in an attempt to standardize the contents. WARA currently has 11 portable cases; 8 with 2 m FM, 2 with D-star and one with 2 m / 70 cm radios.  A large wheeled hard case has 2 dual-band radios, 2 power supplies, external speakers, antennas, co-ax cable, clock, and desk lamp.  Regardless of the radio contained in the case, with a couple of exceptions, we standardized with the Larsen dual band NMO 2/70 mag mount antenna.  The cases are from plasticase.

For the past 30 plus years WARA has provided communications for the Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association (CARHA) Pacific Cup operating 10 hockey rink stations and a headquarters station for three days.  Our stock of portable radios gets deployed for the tournament.