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  • DX Commander Signet 9 HF Antenna. Approx. 29’ high, free standing. Currently used on the 40, 20, 17, 15 & 10 meter bands without a tuner. It is also capable on the 30 & 12 meter bands, however I have not used it on such. This antenna is approx 1 year old & comes with a radial field (current price delivered to Victoria is $825).

Price: $400.00
Name: Angus VE7WGX
Email: 345michigan at gmail dot com
Jun 19/24


  • KAM Kantronics All-Mode TNC. TNC plus power cube & manuals. Pactor (early version) capable. Has KAM Plus enhancement board installed.
  • FREE or it’s off to recycle. Local pickup only!


  • Sony ICF-6800W receiver. This radio is Sony’s solid state answer to the Zenith Trans-Oceanic. The radio is quite rare BUT this one has an intermittent fault & cuts out periodically. I have W-A-Y too many receivers & too little time to dig into the problem.
  • The service manual is available on-line.
  • Price: $50.00 plus shipping

Name: Rick VE7TK
Email: ve7tk at yahoo dot ca
Jun 17/24


  • Antenna building / re-building materials …
  • I have a VERY LARGE 40+ year collection of ‘manly’ antenna materials:
    *  aluminium tubing for yagi elements & pipe for booms/masts [up to ~3″ Dia.]
    *  ‘unobtainium’ element-to-boom, boom-to-mast & other antenna fittings
    *  UHF/VHF/HF yagi, vertical, delta, quad & parabolic antennas ready for re-building
  • ALL open to offers — @ VERY low prices [some even FREE] — surplus to my needs….
  • But don’t delay, because after ‘triage’ 1/3 is going to the recyclers!
  • Include your phone no. for quicker reply.

Name: Karol VE7KFM
ve7kfm at gmail dot com
Jun 11/24


  • Charger for a handheld IC-T70a.

Name: Robert VA7RLS
Email: va7rls1 at gmail dot com
Jun 10/24


  • Older Astatic Dynamic Microphone. Like a DN-HZ or similar for an old 1950s rig. Also require the 2 pin male Ampenol Mic connector.

Name: Colin VE7TNT
Email: ve7tnt at shaw dot ca
Jun 4/24


  • Anytone-AT-D878UV-II-Plus-DMR with ext. Mic. Full featured dual-band rig with VFO function, Bluetooth, GPS with APRS FM & DMR, Roaming/Roaming function & 3100 mAh battery. Battery performance is amazing. I used this radio about 5 times so the condition is mint (picture1), (picture2).

Price: $350.00.
Name: Dave VE7EPX
Email: dlve7 at outlook dot com
May 26/24


  • Delhi DMXHD-48 48′ self supporting tower with a Hy-Gain rotator HAM-IV & Delhi Thrust bearing BBMB. $3000.00.
    • FOB Victoria (new easily over $5000).
    • Tower base was modified to add a hinge along with a cable system & winch allowing the entire tower to be tilted flat to the ground (easy for tower assemble or disassembly, for working on antennas). Includes winch & cables for full tilt support. Will help purchaser dissemble tower. Sections nest into base 8′ section for transport.
  • UHF Cardiod 4 element antenna 310C4 406-512 MHz 8.5 dB $1000.00 or $700.00 with tower. (New $2045).

Details at click here.

Name: Darrell VE7OB
Email: ForSale at wick dot ca
Ph: (250) 884-9291
May 22/24


  • New Yaesu MH-36EHJ DTMF mic for mobile Yaesu rigs.  Selling because I just don’t need it. 

Price: $75.00.
Name:  Grahame VA7NWT
Email: va7nwt at shaw dot ca
May 16/24


  • 200 Watt Premium Solar System (includes everything you need).
    • 200watt 12volt Solar Premium Kit.
    • 12V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/ Bluetooth, (more info).
    • 2000w 12v Pure Sine Wave Inverter, (more info).
    • Solar Panel Flat Roof Tilt Mount x 2

Price: $1200.00.
Name:  Justin VA7PEZ
Email: justinlove at gmail dot com
updated Jun/24


  • Heathkit HR-10B receiver. Has anyone on  the Island got a Heathkit HR-10B receiver they would sell?

Name:  Brian VE7RD
Email: sells795 at telus dot net
May 12/24


  • Two metre mobile 5/8 wavelength antenna with mag mount. Very good condition. $40.00.
  • A few dozen air spaced variable capacitors to dispose of at a fair at reasonable price. Receiving as well as transmitting types, single gang, double gang, triple gang. Let me know if you need something or you can come by the QTH & have a look, or I could bring them to a WARA breakfast. In a couple of weeks time I’ll offer them on Hamshack.ca and what doesn’t sell will go to landfill.


  • I use a non-resonant antenna system fed with balanced line. I need relays to switch the line to several different L networks. Relays to have ceramic insulation & wide contact spacing for high RF voltage. Single pole single throw, single pole double throw, double pole double throw; that sort of thing. Operating voltage to be DC only up to 28V. Let me know what you have.

Name: Brian VE7JKZ
Email: brian at jollygreen dot ca
updated May 3/24


Ham Radio Donations.

  • Always appreciative of any used / unwanted Ham Radio equipment for Camp Barnard in SOOKE for this summer’s Scout Pacific Jamboree Jul 6-13, 2024, where some 3000 Scouts from 18 different countries will be attending. I am running a Ham Radio Station to introduce them to the hobby of Ham Radio as I did in 2015 & 2019.

Name: Ron VA7RTB
Email: bilinskyron at gmail dot com
Apr 17/24


  • JRC (Japan Radio Co., Ltd – NRD 535, serial #BR 39172). My Dad is looking to sell his JRC. This model was introduced in 1986 & I believe purchased new not too long after. It includes the NVA-88 speaker.
  • It is in excellent condition & must be seen to fully appreciate. I am reaching out to see if there is interest.
  • I do not have an antenna to trial it but would be willing to bring it to someone if they are in the Victoria area. I can provide pictures via email.
  • Everything is meticulously preserved in its original packaging & has been stored in a clean dry smoke free home since 1996.

Name: David Holland
Email: hollanddc@pm.me
updated Apr 22/24


  • MFJ Noise & Interference Canceler, Model MFJ-1026. In new condition in origial box with instruction manual. $200.00.
  • 2 aluminum telescoping masts. Base length 10′ with 3 extensions. Total length 30′ or more. $100.00/ea.
  • 1 custom commercial made brace for above mast. $100.00.

Name: Evelyn
Email:  ewalsh5356 at gmail dot com
Mar 24/24


  • Yaesu FTM200DR (VHF/UHF/C4FM/APRS) with MMB-98 vacuum cup mounting bracket. Used for less than one year & in excellent condition.

Price: $420.00
Name: Aki VE7OGI
Email: aki.kono at icloud dot com
Feb 26/24