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    .Old Ham Gear for all!

Swap and Shop is a free service provided by the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association, and is for the non-commercial buying and selling of amateur radio & related equipment and accessories. Please email requests to Swap and Shop Web Editor using Contact Form. Please do not type your ad in all caps. Thank you.

We will place them on the web. Each listing will be posted for a minimum of four weeks, after which we MAY delete it. Please include your CALL SIGN, a current email address and/or a telephone number where people can contact you. Please contact us again once you have finished with your request.

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  • This is a free service provided by the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association
  • The Westcoast Amateur Radio Association is not responsible for any Listings

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  • Stranded copper antenna wire. I am looking for about 80 feet of wire for an end-fed antenna.

Name: Dave VE7EPX
Email: dlve7 at outlook dot com
Dec 3/23


  • 3 radios for pick up at Beacon Hill Villa on Superior St.

Name: Wally VE8WF
Email: wallyfirth73 at gmail dot com
Nov 30/23


  • Free coax cables, fittings, parts, connectors, headphones, mics, etc. Am minimizing my shack, getting rid of all but my basic gear.
    • I have several large boxes of RG8 cables, ground wire, cable fittings, soldering equipment, parts, old mics, headphones etc from my & my father’s shacks I want to clear out.
    • All you have to do is come get it in North Saanich!
  • I also have Heathkit & EICO AF & RF frequency generators & test equipment, & several VHF antennas DIRT CHEAP!

Name: Jim VA7SNS, VE0JNM
Email: rd010843 at gmail dot com
Nov 30/23


  • BC-455 or R-27 Command Receiver (6-9.1 MHz) in good condition & preferably unmodified.

Name: Paul VE7NRI
Email: paulsmi55 at gmail dot com
Nov 10/23


  • A good Yaesu MH-31 A8J Microphone. My information is good on QRZ.

Name: Brent VA7RV
Email: va7rv at outlook dot com
Oct 30/23


  • Normende Radio. Needs a tune up but a true classic… make an offer!

Name: Kevin Chahal
Email: kevin.s.chahal at gmail dot com
Sept 27/23


  • 56 ft Trylon Titan Commercial free-standing Tower in good condition. T400 with #10 bottom section. These are of heavy construction when compared to light duty delhi types. Note that it comes with two additional upper sections (#3, #2) to complete a 72ft tower (T200) but section #3 needs repairs due to on-ground tractor incident. All parts & individual pieces available from Titan at Click for pdf.

Price: $600.00 obo
Name: Colin
Email: ve7tnt at shaw dot ca
Sept 5/23


Several lightly used radios for sale. All radios have seen minimal use and are in like new condition. Original accessories, boxes, etc.

  • Icom IC-7300, $1200.00.
  • Kenwood TS-590 S, $900.00.
  • Yaesu FT-891, $700.00.
  • Yaesu VXX-6R, $195.00.
  • Ailunce HD1 DMR HT. Intermittent screen fault repair or parts comes with two batteries speaker mic charger etc. $35.00.

Name: Ray VA7EQ
Ph: (778) 694-5230
Email: rayperreault1 at gmail dot com
Sept 3/23


  • Radios
  • HAM radio gear available

Name: John
Email: submarinesafety828 at gmail dot com
Aug 14/23


  • Yaesu FT-1000MP, from original owner. Works 100%, non smoking ham. It will be shipped with all original accessories in its original box. Has internal 115Vac supply or it can also be powered with external 13VDc supply. See reviews of this great HF transceiver with internal power supply,  auto/tuner &  two (2) receivers here:

Price: $1000.00 + shipping via Canada Post insured & tracking.
Name: JC VE7OI
Email: JC.daehler at gmail dot com
Jul 20/23


  • IC 718 lightly used. Bought new from Radioworld less then one year ago & operated in a non smoking environment. Simple & easy to set up & enjoyable to use. Currently in use so can be seen in operation. Scratch free & well cared for. Selling as a new radio has been purchased.

Price $700.00. Cash only.
Name: Angus VE7WGX
Ph: (778) 584-2136
Email: 345michigan at gmail dot com
Jul 18/23


  • Hexbeam in good condition

Name: Lars VA7LP
Ph: (604) 728-3176
Email: larspedersen at telus dot net
updated Aug 15/23


  • AKG D-40 studio mic.
    • I was using this with my Icom-7300, IC-9100 with fantastic results.
    • The D40 professional microphone with its solid all-metal body. Its patented Varimotion diaphragm uses a unique laminated material to damp high resonance peaks, leading to a quantum leap in audio performance. The transducer is protected by a sturdy wire-mesh cap and can take extremely high sound pressure levels with ease.
    • An integratedstand adapter in combination with the included H440 mounting bracket makes the D40 a highly versatile tool.
    • I have the box also, AS NEW condition. $125.00 plus shipping or trade for / towards a 1500 watt dry dummyload, or an Icom 2100H, 2200H, 2300H, Yaesu mobile radio. What you got?

Name: Brent VE7REN
Email: ve7ren at shaw dot ca
Jun 20/23


  • ICOM725 HF Transceiver. Good basic HF rig. Works well but needs battery for memory channels, incl manual, mic & power cables.

Price: $300.00.
Name: Mike VE7WMD
Email: chayandemma at gmail dot com
Jun 5/23


  • Yaesu FC-903. Excellent antenna tuner that can take up to 500 watts. This tuner is heavy & can tune a lot of frequencies the smaller ones can’t handle. Because of weight & age no shipping is available.
  • Yaesu FT 60 Handheld Radio. The hand held everyone wants better than the FT 65. Charger and good battery included. No shipping email only for interest. Located in Saanichton BC

Name: William VE3XAE
Email: superbge at hotmail dot com
updated Jun 2/23


  • CB Antenna & Cable kit. 5/8 Wave CB antenna & cable kit (cable, spring, quick release). Retails for $90+ tax & shipping.

Price: $50.00.
Name: Sharon White
Email: sharon.white at telus dot net
May 25/23


  • Yaesu FRG-7000 HF Shortwave Receiver.
    • used – good condition
    • GREAT shortwave receiver!
    • *** 1 light burnt out ****
    • tested correct, no major issues.
    • manual avail online
    • FCFS XP EFT to secure
    • pic avail upon request
    • meet in Duncan

Price: $200.00.
Name: David VE7LFA
Email: dschertzer at shaw dot ca
May 6/23


  • Yaesu FT-757GX tranceiver and FT-757AT antenna tuner with a Kenwood DC power supply & a handheld microphone, with manuals for everything.
  • Heathkit Morse Code Trainer kit & a couple of old kit antenna tuners, a Baofeng handheld radio with two chargers, about 30m of coax cable in two 15ish metre spools, plus about another 15m of braided copper grounding wire, a 2m band Ringo Ranger antenna, & a variety of assorted cables & connectors.
  • Would prefer to sell the Yaesu setup as a lot with the coax & grounding wire, asking $700.00, plus/minus for individual pieces or everything as a lot.

Name: John VE6MCN
Email: jrmcnly at gmail dot com
May 5/23


  • YAESU FT2DR 144/430 MHz digital/analog C4FM handheld transceiver. Serial no. 9D590359, with SBR-14LI 7.2v, 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery & RT Systems-ADMSFT2D-USB programming software / cable for FT-2DR, [Win or Mac]. Excellent condition, RT Systems allows one-time transfer of ownership of software. Original box & manual.
  • Located in Ladysmith.

Price: $250.00.
Name: Art VE7ER
Email: westcoastfloatie at gmail dot com
Apr 29/23


  •  Power Supply, 15 volt 4.5 amp. Made by CONDOR. In plastic case with cooling fan & power cords.

Price: $20.00 or offers
Name: Jim VE7JCU
Email: jim at upright dot net
Apr 12/23


  • Yaesu FT-991a, $1800.00.
  • Comet Antenna with Counterpoise/Cable, $140.00.
  • TRAM Antenna/wCable, $140.00.
  • Antenna Base, $20.00.
  • Ground Spike, $70.00.
  • Bofeng Radio, $45.00.
  • 2 – Kenwood 440, $300.00.
  • SWR UHF/VHR, $65.00.
  • SWR HF, $30.00.

Click to see pictures, pic1, pic2

Name: Maurice VE7CKX
Email: mjdonohue at shaw dot ca
Apr 1/23


  • Pactor Mode Modem.
    • SCS PTC-Ill usb (WSC3usb-M802 – “plug & play” SCS Pactor Modem Kit). New (never installed).

Price: $550.00.
Name: Peter VA7PJA
Ph: (250) 880-6596
Mar 9/23


  • MFJ Deluxe Versa Tuner II
  • Palstar AT2KD antenna tuner
  • Tokyo HY-Power HL-33V amp
  • Alinci ELH-230D amp
  • Make me an offer.

Name: Chris Sandl (in Duncan)
Email: csamdl at hotmail dot com
Mar 9/23


  • Cement-based radio/TV tower, approx. 60′ tall, about 30 years old that needs to be sold/removed. Pictures are available.

Name: Pamina Biedermann
Ph: (250) 870-4156
Mar 9/23


  • Tube Tester & Tubes.
    • I am a rookie tube guy (in Victoria) looking to get some stuff to start learning. Having started reading about tubes in old audio equipment on the internet & audio forums, I became a little overwhelmed & started looking for ways to learn. A tube tester & some tubes seemed a logical place to start. Someone suggested reaching out to a local radio association might be a good place to look.

Name: Donovan
Email: macromarantz at gmail dot com
Feb 27/23


  • Mobilinkd TNC3 or 4.

Name: Glen VA7WGT
Email: gturnbul5 at gmail dot com
Feb 12/23


  • Perseus SDR Receiver, one of the best SDR receivers available.
    • This one works as it should & is in excellent physical, cosmetic, & electrical condition. Comes with a 5v wall-wart PSU, USB cable, & complete installation & operating instructions. The Perseus V5.0b alpha operating software will be supplied on a thumbstick, but you can also use SDR console, which some users prefer. Photos available on request.

Price: US $600.00/Cdn $800.00 (no tax or import duty into the USA) + shipping.
Name: Roger Hart
Email: amplion2 at outlook dot com
Feb 5/23


  • Antennas. Two, 6 meter antennas.
    • A Ringo Ranger for $180.00 was not up for very long (nice & clean) & a
    • Cushcraft 505S, 5 element beam new in the box $350.00.
    • Please use email (no phone).

Name: Dave VE7UL
Email: hortonz at hotmail dot ca
Jan 27/23

  • Miscellaneous tubes. I have a bag of I’m assuming radio tubes but I’m not sure. Estate fund & I have no idea what to do with them. Could you suggest. Thanks.
Name: Jane Collins
Email: jacomc at yahoo dot com
Jan 24/23

  • RTL software defined radio with antenna – $20.00.
  • RTL software defined radio – $15.00.
  • Ubiquiti M5 5.8Ghz mesh networking node with antenna – $50.00.
  • Ubiquiti M2 2.4 Ghz mesh networking node – $20.00
Name: Dom VA7CRO
Email: dkapac at gmail dot com
Jan 24/23