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Old Ham Gear for all!

    .Old Ham Gear for all!

Swap and Shop is a free service provided by the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association, and is for the non-commercial buying and selling of amateur radio & related equipment and accessories. Please email requests to Swap and Shop Web Editor using Contact Form. Please do not type your ad in all caps. Thank you.

We will place them on the web. Each listing will be posted for a minimum of four weeks, after which we MAY delete it. Please include your CALL SIGN, a current email address and/or a telephone number where people can contact you. Please contact us again once you have finished with your request.

Caveat Emptor:

  • This is a free service provided by the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association
  • The Westcoast Amateur Radio Association is not responsible for any Listings

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  • Kenwood transceiver TS-450s with hand mike & desk mike. Needs work does not put out full power on phone, but does on CW. Offers.


  • AEA PK232 TNC
  • Kantronics Field Day 2. This is a CW & RTTY reader.
  • Timewave DSP-59+. This is an audio DSP unit

All items are for pickup.

Name: Gary VE7GDS
Email: ve7gds at shaw dot ca
Sept 24/22


  • Collectable Heathkit starter station. DX60B transmitter, HR10B receiver, &
    HM-102 SWR/Power Meter. All in excellent condition, cosmetically &
    electrically. Both items are free. Interested persons in BC only. Email if

Name: Doug VE7DRF
Email: dkdavies3 at gmail dot com
Sept 22/22


  • Alinco DJ-191, 2 meter portable with four AA NicMH batteries. Works fine on ext battery pack for TX. Connects to WARA chs fine.
    • rubber duck ant * 18 whip with BNC connector
    • original manual & quick reference
  • All above items fit into black carry case. $50.00 or offers.


  • New Rod Balun 1:1, 50 ohms, 500 watts.
    • 50 ohm coax connector in bottom
    • 2 wing nuts to antenna on side at the top eye bolt for support
    • low SWR over HF bands
  • $30.00.


  • Ferrite Toroid Core FT240-43, purchase from years ago. $10.00

Name: Jim VE7JCU
Email: jim at upright dot net
updated Sept 22/22


  • Collins KWM-2 SSB/CW transceiver station.  Includes Collins 516F-2 Power Supply, Electro-Voice 664 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone, new custom grey felt dust cover with red Collins logo, various manuals (orig. factory, military, service bulletins).  Winged emblem transceiver face is excellent.  Recently serviced.  $1,050.  Can deliver to south Island or WARA hamfest in Victoria.
  • Drake C4 Station Console Includes:
    • 24 hour illuminated digital clock, ID timer
    • station power control with 8 120 VAC & two 240 VAC receptacles
    • directional watt meter with dual 200/2000W scales
    • phone patch
    • remote coax switch for five antennas
    • manual


  • Swan 350B SSB/CW Transceiver. Very rare – only 325 made. Black front panel like 700CX. Very good condition, all original knobs. Made directly compatible with 1200Z linear amp. 125 watts SSB, 90 watts CW. Built-in CW filters. Built-in AC supply & speaker. Copy of manual. Working but some controls scratchy. $200.00 plus shipping.
    • Optional: Shure 444 mic, with coiled cord & plug to fit Swan. $50.00.
    • Comox pickup or ship?
    • Can deliver to Crofton or Victoria Hamfests.

Name: Brian VE7RD
Email: sells795 at telus dot net
Sept 18/22


  • Vibroplex Key S/N 238958, minor pitting on chrome base but mechanically in excellent condition. Photo available on request.

Price: $120.00
Name: Brian VE7JKZ
Ph: (250) 385-0670
Email: brian at jollygreen dot ca
Sept 13/22


  • Pop-up galvanized steel mast with guy rings. 35-40 feet when extended. Located near Gordon Head Rec Centre. Has been lowered but still vertical. You pick up. Bring some help & a suitable vehicle for transport.

Name: Gary VE7AQ
Email: gary.jacek at gmail dot com
Sept 13/22


  • Wara has a 20′ x 20′ Britco metal clad wooden building. Floor edges are rotted. If no one wants it Wara will get an excavator & dumpster to get rid of it.
  • Email questions.

Name: Al (Tech Committee) VE7BEU
Email: ve7beu at muircom dot com
Aug 4/22


  • An older HP 437 RF Power Meter. Needed to calibrate an Anritsu MS4622B VNA. Must have a GPIB port for connection with VNA. A bit of a long shot but maybe one is out there for purchase or to borrow for test.

Name: Colin VE7TNT
Ph: (250) 514-6100
Email: ve7tnt at shaw dot ca
Jul 26/22


  • Gap Challenger DX-8 vertical HF antenna (Parksville).

Price: $250.00
Name: Chris VE7CWN
Email: cwaynee at yahoo dot com
Jul 22/22


  • ICOM 756 Pro III HF radio, power supply, external spealer. HF military mobile antenna (Hi-Q). More details here.

Price: $1600.00
Name: Igor VE7IGG
Email: visitor888 at gmail dot com
Jun 9/22


  • Drop in Charger for TH-D7A(G) Kenwood hand held

Name: Art VE7FED
Email: ve7fed at rac dot ca
Feb 18/22


  • About 5m of 450 ohm ladder line for some slim Jim antenna projects.

Name: Glen VA7WGT
Email: gturnbul5 at gmail dot com
Feb 14/22


  • RadioOddity GD-77, $80.00

Name: Dom VA7CRO
Email: dkapac at gmail dot com
Feb 7/22


  • Soil/Earth Anchor to use to guy a tower.

Name: Lars VA7LP
Email: larspedersen at telus dot net
updated Feb 21/22