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Old Ham Gear for all!

   .Old Ham Gear for all!

Swap and Shop is a free service provided by the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association, and is for the non-commercial buying and selling of amateur radio & related equipment and accessories. Please email requests to Swap and Shop Web Editor using Contact Form . Please do not type your ad in all caps. Thank you.

We will place them on the web. Each listing will be posted for a minimum of four weeks, after which we MAY delete it. Please include your CALL SIGN, a current email address and/or a telephone number where people can contact you. Please contact us again once you have finished with your request.

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  • Dummy load.

Name: Lars VA7LP
Email: larspedersen at telus dot net
Aug 4/20


  • TYT MD-380 UHF DMR Radio – $30.00.
  • BTECH UV-5×3 Tri-bander radio – $40.00.
  • KAM 98 TNC – $40.00.

Name: Dom VA7CRO
Email: dkapac at gmail dot com
Aug 1/20


  • Tektronix 7L13, 1KHz to 1.8GGHz, Spectrum Analyzer Plug-In. This instrument is listed on eBay, item number: 274437658406 It is in working condition…check the eBay listing for details. It is a high quality instrument that back in the day cost over $10K.
    • This 7L13 analyzer is a plug-in module for a Tektronix 7000 series oscilloscope and requires a scope to be functional. It is shown in the photos plugged into a Tektronix 7613 oscilloscope.
    • High resolution photos and documentation for this instrument can be downloaded from: Click for more information
    • The Tektronix 7613 storage oscilloscope & Tektronix model 3 two tear cart that can be seen in the photos are separate items also for sale but not included. They would be difficult to ship but could be picked up in the Courtenay area. Contact seller for details.
  • Buy-it-now price $600.00 cash. Reasonable offer considered.

Name: Tom VA7TA
Email: tma.7ta at gmail dot com
Jul 27/20


  • Moving Sale:
    • Icom AT500 auto tuner with manual. Has Icom interface cord, & works well with the 745. $350.00.
    • Plus many more items. Click here for all items pdf document.

Name: Art VE7WCJ
Email: va7wcj at gmail dot com
updated Jul 20/20


  • Repair needed, Magnum Delta Force 10M, powers up only.

Name: Grant VE7GBM
Email: grantmaxwell at shaw dot ca
Jul 13/20


  • Yaesu FT-991 Ham radio 100W “ham pack” +Astron SSM-30 power supply +more.
    • Included is :
      • The Radio: Yaesu FT-991 , works perfectly, no scratches.
      • The power supply: Astron SSM-30.
      • Fused Wiring harness that allows for DC in , AC in (through the power supply) and DC out .
      • All connectors are Anderson PowerPole and included are adapters to connect to different power sources.
      • Included is also some other cheap stuff like a telescopic antenna ~1.2 m long for 2m and 70 cm bands, a voltage tester for cigarette lighter.
      • I’ll haply throw in a home brew, well tuned, 20m dipole if you don’t have an HF antenna to get on the air with
  • I bought the radio & power supply used, about a year ago & made a handful of contacts with it, maybe 4 hours of overall operation. I have the original packaging.
  • If you would like to buy only the radio or only the power supply you are welcome to contact me.
  • I have the bad habit of wanting to build “complete kits” for everything, so I really enjoyed building this shack in a box, every component is very firmly mounted to aluminum plates stacked inside a large ammo box intended for mortar shells, its not a pretty project, I only cared about practicality. It can be operated inside the box by just opening the lid of the ammo box & connecting to the BNC connectors on the front plate, or you can pull out the frame and connect directly to the back of the radio. There is a heavy rubber gasket on the lid, I didn’t drill any holes in the box so it should be waterproof but I will not be the one to test that. Selling because I fly to most places and this is big & heavy so I am thinking about downgrading to a Xiegu G-90.
  • Photos at: click for pictures

Price: $1200.00
Name: Mario VA7MLP
Email: marioschietroma at protonmail dot ch


  • 15 meter 3 element (mono band) Yagi in fair to new condition.

Name: Rick VE7CUP
Email: ricmartin at telus dot net
Jul 6/20


  • Astron RS 20a power supply.

Price: $100.00
Name: Gary VE7GLR
Ph: (250) 818-7221
Jul 2/20


  • ICOM IC-207H Complete Mobile Station. Despite its cosmetic appearance, this transceiver is in excellent working condition. The radio covers in the 144MHz/440MHz bands. It has a detachable head (which is why I bought it) so you can mount the transceiver out of sight. The radio comes with everything required for mobile installation, including detachable head connection cable, power cable, coaxial cable, mobile antenna mount, and mobile antenna. I installed this radio in my car, and it was reliable, powerful, and easy to operate. If you are looking to install a mobile VHF radio in your vehicle, but do not want to search around for all the required components yourself, look no further. The IC-207H is an excellent radio. Asking $200.00.
  • QRP Tinkerer’s Lot, includes (sold “as is”), $260.00. more info
    • NorCal 20 5 watt QRP Transceiver
    • Rockmite 20 meter 0.5 watt QRP Transceiver
    • Pixie 40 Meter 0.5 watt Transceiver
    • ZM-2 QRP Antenna Tuner
    • Portable QRP HFvertical end-fed antenna kit
    • CW Key
  • BK Precision Variable 11V-15V 3 Amp Power Supply. Decent bench power supply. Supplies 11v-15v at up to 3 amps (45 watts). $30.00.

Name: Roland VE7WAX
Email: roland.stacey at gmail dot com
updated Jul 2/20


  • President Adams citizen band transceiver in decent working condition. Please contact me if you know or have any for sale.

Name: Jason
Email: turnerjayt at gmail dot com
Jun 23/20


  • 6′ stainless whip section for a mobile antenna

Name: John VA7WPN
Email: john dot brent at gmail dot com
Apr 28/20


  • DYCOMM Super E 40 W, 2 meter power amplifier. Was in kit form, completed & tested. About 5x input power output. Has built in sensing to switch on power amp. 12 volt 10 amp power supply needed for base station use. Complete with original document. Was $49.95 US many years ago.

Price: $25.00 or offers
Name: Jim VE7JCU
Email: jcu dot upright56 at gmail dot com
updated May 21/20


  • Palstar AT2k antenna tuner
  • Dummy load capable of 1000 watts
  • Icom handhelds, Icom T70a, & Icom v86
  • Daiwa 501v VHF/UHF swr /power meter

Name: Brent VE7REN (Okanagan Falls, BC)
Ph: (250) 497-5651
Email: ve7ren at shaw dot ca
updated May 19/20