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Old Ham Gear for all!

   .Old Ham Gear for all!

Swap and Shop is a free service provided by the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association, and is for the non-commercial buying and selling of amateur radio & related equipment and accessories. Please email requests to Swap and Shop Web Editor using Contact Form . Please do not type your ad in all caps. Thank you.

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Clearing out surplus equipment

  • Antennas:
    1. Comet – Large adjustable trunk / hatch / lip mount (RS-730) *plus – mobile lip mount cable assembly (COM-CK3M5), $50.00.
    2. Comet Antenna – Dual band 146-446 MHz, flexible, rubber coated SSB-1 (new), $30.00.
    3. Copper 2 Meter Amateur Radio J-Pole Antenna (KB9VBR), $20.00.
  • Radios (not amateur):
    1. FRS radios (2) – Midland GXT1000, $40.00.
  • Miscellaneous
    1. Daiwa CN-101L VHF/UHF RF SWR/Wattmeter, $60.00.

Name: Jackie VA7JBF
Ph: (778) 587-8496
Email: va7jbf at gmail dot com
Oct 26/20


  • AR-22R Rotator & Control Box.
    • Expertly refurbished a decade+ ago by/for myself — but has been sitting on the shelf ever since. De-greased /dis-assembled/cleaned/double-checked all the ‘innards’ — and recently glass-bead-blasted the outside, so now it looks ~near-new again.
    • Replaced original ferrous ball-bearing retainer w/ two modern nylon-types — and more than doubled the number of ball bearings to 26 — making it mechanically / functionally equivalent to its ~successor, the AR-40 [which BTW only has 24 bearing balls and is currently available @ Radioworld for only $500 +]. Lithium-greased for CDN weather!
    • Choice of control boxes: the original [as in the PDF below]; or the bakelite CDR Rotor box, for that vintage look. Both boxes are in excellent operating / cosmetic condition — and both arguably offer better ‘resolution’/ directional control than the standard box that comes with the AR-40. CDE AR-22R Installation Instructions (pdf)
    • Original CDE made = bullet-proof! Tested: Works as it originally did/should. Ideal for your VHF/UHF/SHF and/or light- weight HF beams, such as the HEX. 3 mo. Warranty. Advice FREE.

Price: Only $200.00 OBO.
Name: Karl VE7KFM
Email: ve7kfm at gmail dot com
Oct 25/20


  • Kenwood TS-590SG, preferable with the SO-3 TCXO but not necessary, or a later serial number 590S would work as well.

Name: Jeff VE7GMX
Email: xjeepguy at hotmail dot com
updated Oct 25/20


  • Radioddity GD-77 DMR VHF/UHF handheld with charger, antenna & programming cable – $35.00.

Name: Don VE7ATJ
Email: drtolson at outlook dot com
updated Oct 27/20


From the Estate of VE7EDY/VE7EDO/VA7ZX:

Collins S-line HF system:

  • Receiver 75S-3B $600.00;
  • Receiver 75S-3C $1,000.00;
  • Transmitter 32S-3 with Shure model CB41 classic microphone, cables, PSU 516F-2 & spare tubes $1,000.00;
  • Linear Amplifier 30L-1 with spare 811A tubes $1,000.00;
  • Speaker Console 312B-4 $200.00.

Other HF Equipment:

  • Yaesu YS-200 SWR & Power Meter $75.00;
  • Icom IC-735 HF Transceiver w PS-55 power supply & Heil HM10 microphone $300.00.

2 Meter Equipment:

  • Icom IC-2720H 144/440 MHz dual band Transceiver $250.00;
  • Alnico DM-330 supply $100.00.

More info link (an MS OneDrive cloud folder containing pictures, details & the availability status for these & other items).

Name: Robert VE7DJF
Email: ve7djf at shaw dot ca
updated Oct 27/20


  • Kenwood TS-570D all mode HF transceiver – like new in box with factory manual, $600.00.
  • ICOM IC-761 all mode HF – Very nice, not museum quality though. All filters except AM installed. Includes original box, copy of service manual & original owners manual. Original mike included, needs plug re-soldered, $600.00.
  • TigerTronics Signallink USB – wired for Kenwood – like new in box, $100.00.
  • Icom IC-A110 VHF Air band mobile new in box FBO display. Missing mobile bracket ($25 on line), $750.00.

Actual shipping cost, pick up in Reno area preferred.

Name: Jim WA7JV
Email: wa7jv at yahoo dot com
Sept 20/20


  • Westinghouse Radio Model RA-608

Name: Dean
Ph: (778) 676-0021
Sept 13/20


  • #83 Mercury Vapour Rectifier vacuum tube for Hickock tube tester.
  • 6Q7G
  • 6K8G

Name: Colin VE7TNT
Ph: (250) 514-6100
Email: ve7tnt at shaw dot ca
updated Sept 13/20


  • SDRPlay RSP2, comes with the cable to connect to the DRV on a TS590SG, bought it used it lost interest in it. First $175.00 takes it.

Name: Julian VE7URL
Email: julian_edgecombe at hotmail dot com
Aug 16/20


  • Old (not working) Aviation Base Station Radio receivers & microphones for display purposes.

Name: Sam Jay
Email: sam at teamtracon dot com
Aug 16/20


  • Soil/Earth Anchor to use to guy a tower.
  • Dummy load.

Name: Lars VA7LP
Email: larspedersen at telus dot net
updated Aug 17/20


  • Moving Sale:
    • Icom AT500 auto tuner with manual. Has Icom interface cord, & works well with the 745. $350.00.
    • Plus many more items. Click here for all items pdf document.

Name: Art VE7WCJ
Email: va7wcj at gmail dot com
updated Jul 20/20


  • Repair needed, Magnum Delta Force 10M, powers up only.

Name: Grant VE7GBM
Email: grantmaxwell at shaw dot ca
Jul 13/20


  • Yaesu FT-991 Ham radio 100W “ham pack” +Astron SSM-30 power supply +more.
    • Included is :
      • The Radio: Yaesu FT-991 , works perfectly, no scratches.
      • The power supply: Astron SSM-30.
      • Fused Wiring harness that allows for DC in , AC in (through the power supply) and DC out .
      • All connectors are Anderson PowerPole and included are adapters to connect to different power sources.
      • Included is also some other cheap stuff like a telescopic antenna ~1.2 m long for 2m and 70 cm bands, a voltage tester for cigarette lighter.
      • I’ll haply throw in a home brew, well tuned, 20m dipole if you don’t have an HF antenna to get on the air with
  • I bought the radio & power supply used, about a year ago & made a handful of contacts with it, maybe 4 hours of overall operation. I have the original packaging.
  • If you would like to buy only the radio or only the power supply you are welcome to contact me.
  • I have the bad habit of wanting to build “complete kits” for everything, so I really enjoyed building this shack in a box, every component is very firmly mounted to aluminum plates stacked inside a large ammo box intended for mortar shells, its not a pretty project, I only cared about practicality. It can be operated inside the box by just opening the lid of the ammo box & connecting to the BNC connectors on the front plate, or you can pull out the frame and connect directly to the back of the radio. There is a heavy rubber gasket on the lid, I didn’t drill any holes in the box so it should be waterproof but I will not be the one to test that. Selling because I fly to most places and this is big & heavy so I am thinking about downgrading to a Xiegu G-90.
  • Photos available.

Price: $1200.00
Name: Mario VA7MLP
Email: marioschietroma at protonmail dot ch
Jul 9/20


  • 15 meter 3 element (mono band) Yagi in fair to new condition.

Name: Rick VE7CUP
Email: ricmartin at telus dot net
Jul 6/20


  • President Adams citizen band transceiver in decent working condition. Please contact me if you know or have any for sale.

Name: Jason
Email: turnerjayt at gmail dot com
Jun 23/20


  • 6′ stainless whip section for a mobile antenna

Name: John VA7WPN
Email: john dot brent at gmail dot com
Apr 28/20


  • DYCOMM Super E 40 W, 2 meter power amplifier. Was in kit form, completed & tested. About 5x input power output. Has built in sensing to switch on power amp. 12 volt 10 amp power supply needed for base station use. Complete with original document. Was $49.95 US many years ago.

Price: $25.00 or offers
Name: Jim VE7JCU
Email: jcu dot upright56 at gmail dot com
updated May 21/20


  • Palstar AT2k antenna tuner
  • Dummy load capable of 1000 watts
  • Icom handhelds, Icom T70a, & Icom v86
  • Daiwa 501v VHF/UHF swr /power meter

Name: Brent VE7REN (Okanagan Falls, BC)
Ph: (250) 497-5651
Email: ve7ren at shaw dot ca
updated May 19/20