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Old Ham Gear for all!

    .Old Ham Gear for all!

Swap and Shop is a free service provided by the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association, and is for the non-commercial buying and selling of amateur radio & related equipment and accessories. Please email requests to Swap and Shop Web Editor using Contact Form . Please do not type your ad in all caps. Thank you.

We will place them on the web. Each listing will be posted for a minimum of four weeks, after which we MAY delete it. Please include your CALL SIGN, a current email address and/or a telephone number where people can contact you. Please contact us again once you have finished with your request.

Caveat Emptor:

  • This is a free service provided by the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association
  • The Westcoast Amateur Radio Association is not responsible for any Listings

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  • Icom 781 with spare CRT, rack handles, external speaker & hand mic $500.00.
  • Daiwa CN801 SWR/Power Meter Cross Needle 140-525 MHz $90.00.
  • Daiwa CN901 SWR/Power Meter Cross Needle 140-525 MHz $100.00.
  • Diamond SX40C SWR/Power Meter Cross Needle 2m/70cm $40.00.
  • QYT7900D c/w matched antenna & cabled trunk lip mount, new $75.00.
  • AM/CW Transmitter, PW modulation. Made in Greece by SV1EBX, 430 kHz-850 kHz, 1.4 MHz – 2 MHz, 600W. $300.00.

Name: Martin VE7MM
Ph: (250) 738-2601
Jan 19/22


  • SCS PTC-IIIusb Modem for Winlink etc. includes IC 7000 & usb cables.

Price: $650.00
Name: Paul VE7TL
Email: paulwagner at shaw dot ca
Jan 17/22


  • 40 foot Delhi tower.

Name: Rudy VE7FEI
Email: rudystam at shaw dot ca

Dec 17/21


  • A working Emtech ZM-2 antenna tuner. Either SO239 or BNC is fine.

Name: Doug VE7WAX
Ph: (250) 888-5188
Dec 16/21


  • VHF (& UHF) mobile radio that can be used by my grandson as a monitor. Ideally, the transmit would be ‘broken’ .. otherwise I would have to break it (remove the mike).

Name: John VE7AML
Email: John_Pat at shaw dot ca
Nov 29/21


  • 500 – 700 watt amp for HF.

Name: Rob VA7QAD
Email: va7qad at gmail dot com
Nov 29/21


  • 20 – 25 ft. of RG58U coaxial cable for IC-2100 transceiver. Also would like it to have connector.

Name: Neil VE7NAC
Email: chris6520397 at gmail dot com
Ph: (250) 652-0397
Oct 30/21


Equipment from the estate of VE7EDY/VE7EDO/VA7ZX.

  • Stark model 9-66 Tube Tester $300.00.
  • Stark model CX Tube Tester $50.00.
    • Both testers are functional. Measurement data from the 9-66 Test & Calibration procedure, notes, & pictures are available.

Name: Bob VE7DJF (Victoria BC)
Email: VE7DJF at shaw dot ca
Oct 29/21


  • Heathkit VTVM 1953 vintage vacuum tube volt meter. Bought in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Original owner. Still working.

Price: $35.00
Name: Jim VE7JCU
Email: jim at upright dot net
Sept 26/21


  • Complete “go box“, includes the following:
    • FT-991 (not A)
    • External Analog HF SWR/Power Meter
    • External Analog VHF/UFH SWR/Power Meter
    • MFJ 1709B-SDR TX switch
    • SDR Play RSP1A
    • Anderson Power pole distribution box
    • Common Mode choke (Mix 31 Toroid) (Inline with HF)
    • AC Power Distribution strip
    • External Speaker
    • DMTF Mic MH-36
    • RT-Systems Programming Software
    • Original FT-991 box and manual
    • 100’ of LM400 Coax

This “go box” is heavy, weighing 25kg, you can see from the video that the light covers on the AC power distribution box are broken. If you were to build this all out now, would be well over $3000 to do so.

Reason for selling: Divorcing. I live in Whitecourt, AB, but am willing to drive a few hours to meet up with someone. Please see YouTube videos showing it all working.

https://youtu. be/pSgtrS-gCI0
https://youtu. be/d4klODsunTw

Price: $2000.00
Name: Alex VA6MCP
Email: a_code at hotmail dot com
Sept 17/21


  • FT902DM TRANSCEIVER in good condition.

Name: Ian VE7AI
Email: ve7ai73 at gmail dot com
Sept 15/21


  • Comet Standard Vertical HF Antenna.

Name: Wayne VA6WF (Edmonton AB)
Email: faulknerwayne16 at gmail dot com
Aug 30/21


  • W6LVP Receive Loop.
    • Great receive loop. Excellent at nulling out noise from point sources. Here is a video that shows the 27dB null.
    • Also is a great diversity antenna. See demo compared to 43′ vertical on 80m. Great for more pleasant SSB reception on the low bands.
    • Full antenna info.
    • Comes with power supply for pre-amp. Selling because I got DXCC on 80m & don’t need extra antennas on the roof in my suburban location. Was on roof for one year.

Price: $190.00 CDN + shipping. Can quote shipping from Coquitlam, BC.
Name: Adrian VE7NZ
Email: adrian at stimpson dot ca
Aug 28/21


  • Untested vacuum radio style tubes, vintage radios & Heath Kit tube checker IT-21.

Name: Kelly
Email: neoheritix at hotmail dot com
Aug 23/21


  • Icom 706 MK2g. Please provide serial number.

Name: George VE3 GXW
Email: grward at cogeco dot ca
Aug 23/21


  • 10m rig, HTX-10, HTX-100. Casually seeking a 10m radio for a VHF project. Something like an HTX-10, HTX-100 or of that ilk please. Must have SSB. FM would be nice, esp. if it has offset capability, however that’s secondary. Would appreciate it coming from a non-smoking home. Desirous that it be yours or that you know its history, and that it not be (yet) modified or have had an encounter with a “Magic Screwdriver.” Willing to spend ~ $70. Please feel free to talk about that, however I’m not paying for good times someone has had using it, nor what it “once cost” — solely for a working radio in very good to good condition. Thanks.

Name: John VA7OTC
Email: va7otc at rac dot ca
Aug 17/21


  • Icom HM131 handheld microphone, $20.00.

Name: Dom VA7CRO
Email: dkapac at gmail dot com
Aug 8/21


  • TH-D7A(G) Kenwood hand held

Name: Art VE7FED
Email: ve7fed at rac dot ca
updated Aug 31/21


We have recently upgraded our 2-way radios in the school buses & have these items for sale.

  • 5 – Kenwood TK880 c/w palm mic – $80.00 ea or best offer.
  • 1 – Kenwood TK880 c/w bracket, power supply, desk mic – $100.00 or best offer.
  • 2 – XPR 550E c/w palm mic, bracket – $250.00 or best offer.
  • 3 – CDM 1550LS c/w palm mic, bracket – $100.00 or best offer.
  • 1 EX560 XLS – $100.00 or best offer.
  • All equipment has been deprogrammed and deactivated.

Click for pictures.

Name: Jody Bright (Transportation Manager SMUS)
Email: jody.bright at smus dot ca
updated Jul 19/21


  1. SteppIR rotatable dipole 40M-6M with SteppIR Fluidmotion controller, it comes with power supply & manual, like new.

    • This is a rotatable dipole (trombone style) on its own 3 ft aluminum boom. Also it can be used as an upgrade kit to the 3 element SteppIR. The EHU is working fine. It comes with brand new in the box new style spare sprocket, EHU lid hardware & EHU gasket.

Package Price: $350.00.
Name: Dino VE7XDT
Email: ve7xdt at shaw dot ca
updated Jul 5/21


  • 5 element heavy duty Yagi Antenna for 2 meters. Boom length from reflector to last director is 70 inches. Has about an 8 extension at the reflector end for end mount. The boom is 1 3/10 inches in diameter & all elements are 3/4 inches. The attachments of the elements to the boom are castings with stainless u bolts. This is a relatively new antenna. The antenna would be great for snow & ice locations. Asking $70.00. I looked in DX Engineering & similar antennas were going for $149 to $199 BUT they are now heavy duty. P/U in Eugene, Oregon or willing to drive up 50 miles for delivery. If shipping is required will need to talk to you about it.

Name: James W7DAU
Email: jamesbrock at yahoo dot com
Ph: (541) 868-5827
May 3/21


  • Used TH-7 Tri-Band HF Yagi, 20, 15, 10 meters. One trap is defective. Antenna is disassembled & ready for transport. It is located on the University of Victoria campus. It is provided as-is. You must pick up & arrange transport. Any interaction with buyer would follow COVID protocols as per PHO & UVic expectations. Antenna sells new for $1260, asking $100.00. Link here.

Name: Levente VA7QF
Email: va7qf at rac dot ca
updated Sept 9/21


  • Test Equipment, to use in diagnosing/aligning some older equipment
    • VTVM
    • VOM
    • Signal Tracer
    • RF Probe
  • The closer to Victoria the better.

Name: John VA7WPN
Email: john.brent at gmail dot com
Feb 1/21


  • Transceiver & more.
    • Kenwood TS 820
    • AT-200 Antenna Tuner
    • TV 3300 LP low pass filter
    • an old CW key
    • 2 CW paddles
    • speakers
    • microphone
    • older style ear phones
    • Ham IV rotator
    • 32′ Rohn Tower
    • old shortwave radio & a few other accessories.
    • All operating nicely when put away for storage. No reasonable offer refused.

Name: Dave VE7DHA
Email: dchockley at gmail dot com
Feb 1/21


  • Kenwood TL-922A 6 meter conversion, linear amplifier.
    • Expertly converted TL-922A to 6 meter mono-band amplifier. 80W PEP in for 1.2KW PEP Out.
    • Genuine Eimac 3-500Zs with very limited use & full output.
    • Custom dust cover.
    • 30 day customer satisfaction money back (less shipping) guarantee if returned in original pristine condition.
    • Photo’s available. Demonstration via ZOOM if requested.

Price: $1200.00 plus shipping (USA only)
Name: Paul KW7Y, Camano Island, WA
Ph: (360) 547-9257
Email: paul at paulbaldock dot com
Jan 19/21


  • Icom IC-91A or IC-91AD Handheld Radio
  • Palstar AT2K Antenna Tuner

Name: Brent VE7REN (Okanagan Falls, BC)
Ph: (250) 497-5651
Email: ve7ren at shaw dot ca
updated Aug 31/21


Clearance Sale Surplus Equipment

  • Radios (not amateur):
    • FRS Radios (2) – Midland GXT1000, $40.00.

Name: Jackie VA7JBF
Ph: (778) 587-8495
Email: va7jbf at gmail dot com
updated Jan 25/21


  • Telescoping Fiberglass Pole
  • Soil/Earth Anchor to use to guy a tower.

Name: Lars VA7LP
Email: larspedersen at telus dot net
updated Aug 30/21