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Old Ham Gear for all!

   .Old Ham Gear for all!

Swap and Shop is a free service provided by the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association, and is for the non-commercial buying and selling of amateur radio & related equipment and accessories. Please email requests to Swap and Shop Web Editor using Contact Form . Please do not type your ad in all caps. Thank you.

We will place them on the web. Each listing will be posted for a minimum of four weeks, after which we MAY delete it. Please include your CALL SIGN, a current email address and/or a telephone number where people can contact you. Please contact us again once you have finished with your request.

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  • Ameritron AL80B high power linear amplifier. Mint. Pickup only. No shipping, no returns.

Price: $1500.00 cash only
Name: Wayne VE7CI (Port Alberni)
Ph: (250) 724-4464
Email: raven99912 at outlook dot com
Nov 25/19


Name: Al VE7BEU
Email: ve7beu at muircom.com
Oct 17/19


  • MD-1B8 or MD-1C8 desk microphone or a YM-34 handheld microphone to go with a Yaesu FT-One HF transceiver that has just been donated to the Scout Camp in Sooke.

Name: Ron VA7RTB
Ph: (250) 664-7048
Oct 15/19


  • We have a rather large General Electric radio, approx 4 feet tall, that’s been in our family since the 1940s. It’s in really good shape as a cabinet and all, but electrically too. It still lights up the very large display but now only makes a hissing sound. It’s unusual in that it makes available many different radio bands. It also has many preset buttons that are labelled with the old radio call letters. We seem to have lost the old license that was glued on the inside for so long. The speaker on this thing is prodigiously huge! Anyhow, our kids don’t like old things and we are ready to part with it. We thought that someone might enjoy restoring this rather complex beast of a thing. Picture available on request.

Name: Guy VE7GGX
Email: guy.gauvin at gmail dot com
Sept 23/19


  • Looking for a good working Mosley TA-53-M or TA-63-N beam antenna.
  • Also looking for a good working 10 – 40 base station vertical antenna.

Name: Guy VA3GUY
Ph: (613) 825-1177 (Ontario)
Email: va7guy at hotmail dot com
Sept 23/19


  • Yaesu VX 3

Name: Ward VE7CYA
Email: wardclapham at shaw dot ca
Sept 19/19


  • Kenwood TM-V7A 144-440 FM Dual Bander c/w mike and two speakers.

Price: $100.00
Name: Don VA7ACZ
Email: donturner5 at gmail dot com
Sept 16/19


  • Kent KT-1 telegraph key. Selling my like-new Kent KT-1. Solid, steel and brass key like the old marine Marconi keys. Surplus to my needs, need to clear some clutter.

Price: $150.00 firm
Name: Michael VE7DMH
Email: freescribe001 at 4securemail dot com
Sept 16/19


  • Radioddity GD-77 DMR VHF/UHF Handheld Transceiver. Including additional accessories – waterproof external speaker- microphone, programming cable, and extra battery.  Excellent condition and battery life. 2 units available, one of them unused except for maintaining periodic battery charge. $60.00 each.

Name: Ian VA7IGI
Ph: (250) 385-3980
updated Oct 15/19


  • VHF AM Transmitter. Canadian Aviation Electronics Ltd. Model 201. 19″ rack-mountable in excellent physical condition/as RFE. $25.00, which is less than the used cost of the 4 Vernier dials, never mind the meter, tube(s) & the rest!
  • Motorola 2m FM Transmitter. In pristine physical condition as RFE decades ago. 50 watts. 19″ rack-mountable. Only $10.00 which is less than the used price of the final output tube, or socket, alone!
  • Two ~identical 2m Motorola FM Transmitters. In pristine physical condition as RFE decades ago. 80 watts. 19″ rack-mountable. Only $10.00 each — which is less than, etc.!
  • Two large ~identical 2m early Motorola crystal-controlled FM Transceivers. In excellent physical and electrical condition. Base- station type [containing a discrete Tx, Rx, PS & PA]. Saved by me largely for the 20 A PS and 50 W PA, but plans have changed. Only $10.00 each if you take both.
  • SINCLAIR Rez-Lok C2034 Series Multicouplers. If you know what they are/how useful they can be, you know how expensive they are: http://www.sinclairtechnologies.com/catalog/productlist.aspx?id=180.  In excellent shape, ex-BC Ambulance Service tuned ~2m. Will sell at ½ the best arm’s length price you can find!
  • 50 VDC @ 50 A ex-Telephone Exchange HD linear power supplies. In HD ~29″ high enclosures — i.e. add a door slab and you can have a perfect operating position! Ideal brute force PS for the new generation of high power RF output transistors requiring 50 VDC. Reduced to only $100.00 each.
  • 3-Gang Motorized Variac. Reduced by half of my original price to only $250.00 [N.B. Colin!] Identical to and less than a quarter price of this: https://www.torontosurplus.com/industrial/transformers-variable- variacs/general-radio-w20g3d32dk-genrad-variac-autotransformer-3-gang-w20-3-phase-120-208-vac-20-amps-phase-9-4-kva-max.html

Name: Karl VE7KFM
Email: ve7kfm at gmail dot com
updated Oct 1/19


  • Wanted to purchase old tube equipment. HF radio, audio, even test equipment, working or complete in need of repairs. May look at purchasing solid state radio stuff as well.

Name: Robert VA7EBA
Email: robertjones1980 at me dot com
Sept 6/19


  • 4 Power Supplies:
    • Two Samlex RPS 1210’s
    • One Heathkit 2718
    • One Heathkit IP-2718

Price: $40.00 each
Name: Dirk VA7ORD (Galiano Island, BC)
Email: va7ord at gmail dot com
Aug 26/19


  • Trace Engineer C40 Charge-Diversion & Load Controller.TRACE C40 Charge Controller A Controller for Virtually any DC Charging Source. C Series controllers may be configured for PV battery charging, or DC load control or DC diversion operation. Price $50.00.
  • Amateur VHF/UHF transceiver TH-D7A(G) with TNC Frequency range: TX: 144-148 / 438-450 MHz RX: 118-136 / 136-174 / 400-480 MHz. Price $130.00.
  • Diamond mobile whip antenna SG7900 2 bander used very little occasional mobile operation. Price $100.00.
  • Danet 12M:This is a Japanese copy of the PK232…it is an AX. 25 Level 2 Version 2 complete with cross connecting plug. Price $30.00.
  • Low pass filter Hand made in Japan, VSWR -25 db, LOS -5, Att at 105 Mhz -110 db. Price $35.00.
  • Palomar RX noise bridge; this is collectors item, measure antenna impedance. Price $30.00.
  • Super Low noise Pre-amplifier GRA 729 430 mhz GAIN 20 db Nf 0.6 db…this is a mast head mounted sealed amplifier.
  • Super Low noise Pre-amplifier GRA 2020 144 mhz gain 20 db Nf 0.6 db this is a mast head mounted sealed amplifier.
  • A Triplexer GX-2712 this device will muliplex from 1.5 to 1400 mhz….allows one cable to the mast head….the same as the above preamps.
  • Comet Triplexer CFX-431, this is the station end of the mast head mulipltexer, never used.
  • Switching device for switching antenna leads, never used.
  • Tokyo Hy-Power Labs Model HL-130U,….430mhz-120 watt amplifier, desk mounted. Tokyo Hy-power Labs Model HL-180 ……144mhz-120 watt amplifier, desk mounted the rx section is U/S….the TX section works ok.All the above amps listed $100.00.
  • Model VDA-60 video display analyzer by Micro-Tel, a division of Adams-Russel, will copy any TV signal.
  • Kuranishe Instruments KDP-200, 500 watts pep max, bandwidth +/- 3 Mhz tunable, loss 0.8 db, this is a repeater filter, with tunable manual controls.

Name: Doug VE7LFL
Email: dconsul at reagan dot com
Ph: (778) 700-6737
Aug 15/19


  • Buckmaster OCF Dipole Antenna DX-OCF-40. Like new dipole antenna, off center fed, 40, 20, 10, 6 meters, 300 watt, 68 ft. length. $150.00 ($US239 new).
  • Vectronics (pre-MFJ) HFT-1500 Tuner. Barely used Vectronics Roller Tuner, HF, 1500w. Pre-MFJ version $325.00. More info.
  • Located in Nanaimo (Cedar).

Name: Tim VE6SH
Email: ve6sh at iaru.org
Aug 13/19


  • Kenwood TS850SAT HF transceiver in good working condition complete with hand microphone, power cable and manuals. This is a one owner rig which has had the newer version carrier board upgrade done. Very clean condition except the send/receive switch labeling has become somewhat worn off & the user manual has become tattered. The power cable has been shortened to 3 or 4 feet. The price is $500.00 cash firm.
  • There is also an SEC1223 12V/23A switching power supply option available for an additional $50.00.
  • Available for pickup in the Courtenay/Merville area. Pickup preferred as shipping would be extra probably starting around $100.00, ask for quote.

Name: Tom VA7TA
EMail: tma.7ta at gmail dot com
Aug 5/19


  • Galaxy DX98VHP 200 watt 10 meter radio with single side band. I would like to get some information regarding this radio if anyone knows.

Name: Dustin
Email: dustindaly4 at gmail dot com
Aug 4/19


  • Yaesu ATBK-100 Counterpoise Kit.

Name: Dan VE7KPH
Email: ve7kph at telus dot net
updated Aug 12/19


  • Yaesu MH-34B4B Speaker Microphone. Looking for a speaker microphone that is compatible with a Yaesu FT-60R handheld transceiver.

Name: Roland VE7WAX
Email: roland.stacey at gmail dot com
Jun 7/19


  • Various HF equipment & large Ferrite ring cores for household appliances.

Name: Isaac VA7VAE
Email: isaacc at uvic dot ca
Jun 3/19


  • I have a good collection of vacuum tubes, both receiving and transmitting, including Eimac VHF ceramics. Email me your needs, and I may be able to help. Both new and used are available, and are tested when I can.

Name: John VE7MTW
Email: ve7mtw36 at gmail dot com
Jun 6/19


  • Buddipole Deluxe Kit. Used only a few times in excellent condition. Paid $700.00 landed in Canada. The Buddipole™ Deluxe Package includes everything you need for setting up an efficient portable antenna solution anywhere in the world in just a few minutes. The package includes the following custom components which all fit into the padded cordura nylon custom-carrying bag:
    • The Buddipole Antenna (9 bands, 2 – 40 m) with Versatec Choke balun and 25′ coaxial cable
    • Tripod – extendable legs and locking base
    • Portable Mast – extends to 9’ 6″ in height
    • Rotating Arm Kit – change configurations
    • Antenna System Bag – padded cordura nylon
    • Extra Telescopic Whip
    • 3 extra Coil Clips
    • Antenna operating manual

Price: $590.00
Name: Steave VA7UTC
Ph: (778) 869-4647
Email: pcwgr1 at gmail dot com
May 21/19


  • Kenwood TS480 Sat/Hx front panel assembly. This is the black front face of the 480 with the clear LCD screen, very easy to re and re. this one from a parts radio. May be much better then what you have. $8.00 + shipping, cheap. Part # Kenwood 881D39- 8743-90.

Name: Brent VE7REN (Okanagan Falls, BC)
Ph: (250) 497-5651
Email: ve7ren at shaw dot ca
updated Nov 19/19