Repeaters including DMR and DStar

SUMMARY OF PRIMARY WARA LINKED REPEATER SYSTEM. See below for Registration information for DStar users. and a link to table showing the secondary FM repeater system, including DMR, DStar and Packet frequencies.

Linked WARA Repeater System

LocationOutput MHzOffsetCTCSS Tone
Mt. McDonald146.840-600 kHz100.0
Mt. McDonald224.140-1.600 MHz100.0
Mt. McDonald444.875+5 MHz107.2
Saltspring Island146.660-600 kHz100.0
Oak Bay146.840-600 kHz107.2
Sooke146.840-600 kHz123.0
Triangle Mountain146.840-600 kHz131.8

Click here for Jan 2019 WARA Repeater Chart (read-only Google Spreadsheet)

The frequency chart for the WARA repeater system was reformatted and originally published to this web site in March 2008. Subsequent updates to the master spreadsheet are made when there are changes. Please note that the Repeater system is now fully reinstated on Mt. McDonald, effective January 2018. Check out the Members Manual for detailed user information on the WARA Repeater systems (password required).

DMR Repeater and System USER Dashboard (NEW January 2018)

As of January, 2018, WARA is operating a UHF DMR repeater VE7VIC on 443.950 +5MHz. Every DMR Radio needs a unique ID associated with it. In theory, a user could make up an ID and use it but there would be no guarantee that it would be unique and that could cause issues with the repeater. There’s an organization, DMR-MARC, which co-ordinates the radio IDs. Click here for the Registration Page and they’re pretty quick at processing registrations. For a DMR Status Dashboard click here

Download instructions on how to control the WARA DMR Repeater.

Dstar Repeater and DStar Gateway USER Registration for VE7VIC

You can use the local VE7VIC DStar repeater system to make local calls without registering on the Gateway. The repeater is tri-band on frequencies 145.080+0.600, 442.000 +5MHz and 1291.500 -20MHz

The Dstar Gateway allows to you make long distance calls (similar to IRLP). To use the Gateway, you need to register your call sign. Go to the This page allows you to both register your callsign and add terminals, which you should do once your callsign has been approved. You can also use the above link to check Dstar status. For callsign approval, notify our DStar administrator Hans VE7OES at Contact Form

Download instructions on how to control the WARA DStar Repeater.