Ham Shack Focus – Don Tolson VE7ATJ

22 Feb

Originally licensed in 1972 (Canadian Amateur), I upgraded to Advanced Amateur 1973.  Just recently got back into Ham Radio in 2015, after having been away with University, Family, work,  etc.  I’m still working – as a Director of Solution Architecture for the CyberSecurity branch of Fujitsu North America.

Ham Shack Focus – KG7CWG

31 Jan

Our first Ham Shack Focus highlights Joe Wright – KG7CWG who lives in Forks, Washington. WARA is very fortunate to have a number of terrific members living in the USA.

Joe’s description of his shack. “Top Row, RCI 2950 for 10,11, 12 m., MFJ power/swr meter for that radio and on the far right an RCI marine radio. Below on the shelf is my MFJ power supply, 2 terminal strips, a Palomar linear for the RCI 2950 and my Yaesu rotor control. On the bottom side of the shelf there has been a change. There is now a Yaesu 2900 and Kenwood TM-281. And of course then the main radio and accessories that includes an Ameritron power/swr meter, Yaesu FT-897D and my Ameritron amp. Since I am in ARES and currently the only one who can make direct contact with the Striped Peak repeater the 2900 get set on that frequency, the Kenwood gets set on our local repeater in Forks, and the 897 gets set on the simplex frequency during exercises and our weekly net. And I have very good connectivity with everyone in Victoria too.
My wife and I will be visiting later this year and I plan on being to the June meeting if all goes well.”

Thanks Joe for participating in WARA’s Ham Shack Focus.