Good News….WARA Salt Spring Island Repeater Repaired

13 May

May 12, 2019 – WARA’s Salt Spring Island Repeater (VA7VIC 146.660 MHz 100 Hz tone) has been repaired and is back in service. This has been a long slog for the Repeater Team.The repeater is co-located on Mt. Bruce with the SSIARC and it requires coordination with them to access the site. Earlier in the year, weather and trees down on Salt Spring delayed our access. When the team finally got to the site a few weeks ago, they found two problems. First no output from the PA, then the output from the repeater was very low, not enough to drive the PA, even if the PA was working. So the repeater and PA were removed and returned to Victoria. After considering the options and finding some replacement gear, there was a repair trip the other day. With significant help from Alan Muir VE7BEU, we were able to interface a Motorola Micor transmitter and PA to the Icom repeater. Filtering was also enhanced. All reports indicate everything is working well. Many thanks to the Repeater team for the hard work.

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