Technical Committee Update

10 Jun
From Al VE7BEU, Technical Director

D-Star 2-m is now on line – Jun. 18

The WARA D-Star 2-m system is now on-line with the other 40 stations around the world. Click on for information.

I will require your callsign, name and email address to have you assigned to the linking system as a user. Local repeater does not require this information – 73 Al VE7BEU

D-Star Remote Connection Successful – Jun. 16

We finally did a test connection with VE3EI on the 2-m Dstar repeater. NOTE the 1.2 GHz system not online yet. Just about ready to get it online with the other 40 Dstar repeaters around
the world – 73 Al VE7BEU

"Congratulations Al. You have passed another milestone. We have successfully completed our first two-way conversation using DSTAR. Eric Meth – ve3ei"

The 2-metre D-star repeater has changed callsign – Jun. 16

ICOM had it on record and therefore we had to change from VE7VAS to VE7VIC. So, on your 2-m radio only, change VE7VAS back to VE7VIC 145.080 repeater. Testing with ve3EI and working one direction, soon to be both ways – 73 Al VE7BEU

VE7VIC Antenna Changed to Omni-directional – Jun. 10

Jim VE7GOF and I (VE7BEU) changed the antenna on VE7VIC, 146.84, over to an omni directional antenna. This is the highest antenna mounted on a 10 foot pole on top of the 20 foot tower on the club trailer. Made up some LMR400 coax cables and connectors to do the work. Other VE7VIC antenna was getting noisy for some reason. Old and tired I guess!

So, this is the first time in 3 decades we have used an "Omni 360 degrees" antenna. Sounds better in some places in town. Give me some feedback as to how it works!

It is a triband antenna with filters for 1.2 GHz voice D-star, 146.84 VE7VIC and we will put one of the UHF repeaters on it as well. Just two repeaters at the moment, other to follow after some sort term testing.

Mt. McDonald Work Party Sunday May 20

May 20, 2007 – We had a work party in the rain! Added a new antenna, coax cable and connectors for packet radio repeater, VE7VIC 145.690 MHz, simplex. Connect to C(space) VIC to test it. Send a ? to get info.

Also, added new triband antenna with new coax, connectors to the 1.2 Data ID1 radios on the antenna. Internet feed is off at the moment.

One antenna on top of tower on our trailer, other on pipe on the fence. Both antennas are in a higher position than before. Thanks to those who volunteered.