Field Day 2007 Huge Success

8 Jul

Hello All – Field Day is over with for another year. It was a great success at the Saanich Historical Society site. Lots of Ham and general public visitors. A very large "thanks" goes to all of you that helped with the setups and take down. Also thanks to the radio operators, you all appeared to be having "too much fun!" And thanks to our hosts. Pictures in the WARA Photo Gallery, Click here.

We claimed a score of 1100 points this year. 140 points come from 70 CW contacts, 185 points from the 185 SSB Voice contacts, 200 bonus points for Generator power, 100 for media publicity, 100 for site visit by official, and 50 for web submission. By band, our contacts were: 80 m 2xCW 105xSSB, 40 m 24xCW 50xSSB, 20 m 44xCW 28xSSB, 15 m 1xSSB, 6 m 1xSSB.

This event was a great success because of your effort – 73 Al VE7BEU, President Elect, WARA