Building Donation from Victoria Airport Authority

7 Jun

We moved the building from the Airport property to my house on Triangle Mountain (May 29, 2007) for storage and modifications. This is a temporary move. I would expect while at my place we can work on the interior wiring and layout for future use. We have to install the equipment racks and some AC outlets, ventilation fan/thermostat, and the overhead wire-ways.

The building is being organized for VE7VIC site if the CRD agrees to our putting it there. If not, we have need of the building on either Saltspring or Triangle Mtn. This is a great building at 10’W x 13’D and 10’H. Lots of room!

A great job done by all. Thanks to the crew that helped. Everyone thank Judy VE7JDY for giving up her parking spot! Kustom towing gave the club a great discount, so remember them next time you need a tow.