October 18th Meeting — WWII German automatic radio weather stations

27 Sep

Captain Jerry Mason  (USN, ret.) will present his research on weather stations planted on foreign soil by German U-boats.  He has some interesting photos of the Haudegen Arctic weather station that were given to him by the son of the station’s commander. He will touch on the Labrador automatic weather station, the only such station on North America. There were several other landings to put spies and saboteurs ashore in Canada and the US. Topics will include:

  • Short Signal weather reports
  • German Radiosonde
  • Automatic weather buoys
  • Automatic land weather stations
  • U-boat support to manned weather stations
  • The last German Arctic weather station “Haudegen”

For much more on German submarines, see Jerry’s website www.uboatarchive.net