Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon Sunday Oct. 9, 2016

24 Sep

WARA provides radio operations services for the annual Victoria Marathon on Thanksgiving weekend. To volunteer or questions, email: Public Service Contact.  DRAFT OPERATOR INFO, MAPS AND DOCS ARE AVAILABLE on the Public Service Page or click this link>>>>Marathon 2016 Radio Operations Info

This is an excellent communications training opportunity. Radio Team members provide communication services linking net control, various course locations (first aid and water stations), supply vehicles, ambulance dispatch, kids run, and finish zone. Our responsibilities include facilitating communication of runner assistance and race emergency situations, and delivering safety and administrative message traffic.

There is room for 45 to 50 radio volunteers. Please contact me by email and I will put you on the 2016 roster. If you are in contact with any new ham operators (or potential new hams) who might not be on my email list, please encourage them to consider volunteering.

If any local emergency communications teams wish to volunteer as a group effort, that works for me too. Just let me know and we can work out a useful assignment. I have a couple of complex checkpoints that could use the resources of a skilled team of possibly 3 or 4 radio operators. Thanks 73 Alan Mallett email to: Public Service Contact