Jeanne Socrates VE0JS Sails Non-stop Around the World

10 Nov

From: Aubrey Stuart <>
Subject: Fundraising for Jeanne Socrates – Plaque

Dear Friends and Supporters of Jeanne Socrates, VE0JS:

On 7th September 2019, Jeanne Socrates returned to Victoria after 339 days at sea, becoming the oldest person to sail solo, nonstop and unassisted around the world. To commemorate this great achievement, we are installing a brass plaque in her honour along the Upper Causeway at the Victoria Inner Harbour.

We know that many ham radio operators worked Jeanne, VE0JS, at different times on her way around the world, so we hope your club would like to draw this to your members’ attention so that those that wish to will be able to donate to help us raise the required funds. The total cost is approximately $1,500. This includes having the plaque cast at a local foundry, installation and the required permits from the City of Victoria.

Any additional funds that may be raised over the amount required for the plaque will be delivered to Jeanne to help with the many repairs to Nereida needed as a result of damage sustained during her circumnavigation.

If your members would like to donate towards the plaque, funds may be sent via this link:

If any of your members would like to contribute specifically towards Jeanne’s high cost of repairs following the damage sustained during her knockdown and at many other times during her voyage, they may donate directly to her PayPal fund. There is a link to this on her website’s home page,

Thank you for your help in creating a lasting record of Jeanne’s record-setting achievement.

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