Ride for the Disabled 2010 – Report

9 Oct

Once again, stalwart members of the HAM community arrived at Metchosin to lend their support for communicating and safety for the riders in the Ride for the Disabled. This is the main fundraiser for this organization that does so much for this who are mobility challenged.  Thanks to those who turned out: Sandy VE7ETS  and Nick VA7NAF, Terrance VE7TBC and Lynn VE7LDH, John VE7JMF and Allison VA7ACO, Patty-anne VA7PTY and John VE7SDJ, Don VA7DH, Alexa VE7WIP, Ramona VE7SIT, Alex VE7AYE and Frank VE7FA. 

No bears or lost riders this year. We did have a couple of two wheel horses join the ride and one gal had to walk the last bit home. We would like to Thank VE7MEP for their use of an excellent EOC and the workers of VRDA for the chili and goodies and lots of coffee. There were very nice T-shirts for each operator as well. The ladies went around the course delivering nutrition to the communicators. And added bonus was the Metchosin Farmers Market where lovely fresh veggies were available. We all said good bye, by saying, see you all next year. 73 patty-anne Lea VA7PTY