Victoria Marathon – 10.10.10 – Updated Oct.8

13 Sep

BULLETIN: As of Oct. 8, the volunteer roster has been completed with a few gaps.

Link to Race Map for All Routes Combined click here

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Link to GLVM Volunteer Manual with FAQs and Medical Info click here

Volunteer Roster available by contacting Alan Mallett

The date of the recently re-branded GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon is approaching quickly. WARA coordinates Amateur Radio communications for this event with the support of numerous other local Amateur Radio groups and Emergency Communications Teams. The types of service provided include a communications command post, radio operators stationed at the race water stations, a lead car radio operator, start and finish areas and a radio operator at the announcer’s stage, the operation of pickup vans to retrieve tired runners, and liaison with St. John Ambulance and other emergency services.  The Marathon is one of four regularly scheduled events that WARA supports each year. The others are CARHA Hockey in January, the Times-Colonist 10k in the Spring, and ARRL Field Day in June.

Approximately 40 to 45 radio operator volunteers are required to fill the volunteer roster. The Marathon takes place on Thanksgiving Sunday, October 10, 2010, and the regular radio operator shift is from about 0700 to 1430. However, there are several volunteers who will be asked to be on-site much earlier, starting at 0530, and finishing by 1530.