Notes from the January General Meeting

22 Jan

We had a good members meeting. The status of our ham classes was discussed and the effects on our budget was explained by the treasurer. One member offered to help but we need three members to cover the work. Please contact me (Brent Besse) for more information. I will be taking this to the board meeting.

There was a short discussion on what to do with the club Comms trailer. It needs to be moved from its current location. The members present voted to dispose of it because of its age and cost of refurbishing it. Bailey Meeres (VA7AIB) took the trailer and will arrange to move it. Thank you Bailey.

The members were reminded to keep the importance of our public service events (TC10K, the Marathon and CARHA) and the importance of volunteering.

The presentation by Jon Jacox on the new APRS iGate/Digipeater was well received.

Ron Bilinsky (VA7RTB) is looking for volunteer operators to help with the 2019 Scout Jamboree amateur station. There will be an article on the WARA website. Please contact Ron for more information.

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