DMR Repeater On The Air

8 Jan

DMR Repeater and System USER Dashboard (NEW January 2018)

As of January, 2018, WARA is operating a UHF DMR repeater VE7VIC on 443.950 +5MHz.  You will need a DMR Radio to take advantage of this repeater. Every DMR Radio needs a unique ID associated with it. In theory, a user could make up an ID and use it but there would be no guarantee that it would be unique and that could cause issues with the repeater. There’s an organization, DMR-MARC, which co-ordinates the radio IDs. Click here for the Registration Page and they’re pretty quick at processing registrations. For a DMR Canada Status Dashboard click here

We are working on providing a link for the local VE7VIC DMR Dash board. Stand by….

Check out the WARA Repeater page for more repeater information.

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