60-metre Band Report by VX9GJG

3 Sep

Submitted by Alan Mallett VA7AWM VX9GJG – In July 2012, I applied for and was issued a special “Developmental Licence” Callsign VX9GJG permitting me to operate in the brand new, not yet Amateur approved, 60-metre band, along with approximately 30 other Canadian hams. We are licenced to communicate with each other and also with amateurs from around the world if they have equivalent approved frequencies. The process is well underway to include 60-metres in the Canadian Amateur Radio frequency allocation and I hope we hear some good news on this before year-end. Update: As of 2014, the 60 m band is included in the Canadian Band Plan, and the developmental licence is lapsed. A regular Canadian ham call sign must be used now.

I have been able to reach 4 other stations including VX9GJD in Richmond BC and 3 US operators in the Washington / Oregon area. I use my ICOM IC-7000 radio in my vehicle but my mobile antenna is not the best, so reception has been less than optimum but still workable.  In my research on the Web and through contact with ICOM, I have learned quite a bit about how the following radios work in 60-metres, and what problems there might be in getting them correctly programmed to the new channel scheme: Yaesu FT-857 FT-897, ICOM IC-7000, and Kenwood TS-480. Remember that the band is “channelized”, and only specific frequencies, modes, and power levels will be permitted. If you wish to talk to me individually about my tests, please contact my by email: va7awm at shaw dot ca