WARA thanked for Assistance with Royal Victoria Marathon

11 Oct
From: Sandi Heal
To: Patty-Anne Lea, Westcoast Amateur Radio Association
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2007 11:33 PM

Subject: 2007 Royal Victoria Marathon Committee – Congratulations!

Just wanted to pass along hefty congratulations and thanks to all of you for all the work you did over the weekend (and throughout the year), including the support you gave to other members of the committee, volunteers and participants.
You did an awesome job and from what I’ve heard from other members of the executive and participants, it was the most successful event ever. It’s thanks to all of you.
Since joining the committee in 2004, I have been privileged to work with all of you. You make my job and the jobs of others easier and it’s been a pleasure working with you.
Well done everyone!! Yay!
I want to be able to share some fun stories about the event and some things that we’ll look into for next year – toilet paper for the portapotties, a streaker running up Johnson Street the day after the race (one of the Canada Post mailmen though it was a prank orchestrated by our Committee – ha ha!), Dave Tanner outdoing himself on Past Shirt Sales this year, Jim and Angela Plasteras coming through the finish line, Elite Athlete accomplishments, Mike Ellis receiving a stone on Rob’s Frontrunners Walk of Fame, etc.
Sandi Heal
Administrative Manager, Royal Victoria Marathon
Email: expo at royalvictoriamarathon dot com