WARA Ham Course Update

4 Feb

The ham course has now completed, with good success rates.  We welcome a number of new hams as members of WARA:

Richard Jones – VA7RXJ
Mitch McKay – VA7KMN
John Brent – VA7WPN
Lloyd Gilmore – VE7LGA
Elise Garcin – VE7ORB
Ross Macdonald – VA7SVT
Ron Bilinsky – VA7RTB
Willy Burrows – VE7WRB
Graeme McCreath – VA7AGM
Wolfgang Holzmann – VA7CTT
Chris Johnston – VE7WKD
Steve Nicolle – VA7LMO
Murphy Pottage – VE7MEN

Congratulations to all, and many thanks to all the instructors who put so much energy into helping out this year.