WARA and CVARS 222-MHz Band Repeater Frequency Swap

13 Jan

In a good news story of amateur radio club cooperation, we are pleased to announce that the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association and the Cowichan Valley Amateur Radio Society have finalized an agreement to swap their previously coordinated 222 MHz band repeater frequencies. 


WARA has been using repeater frequency 224.900 MHz since 1988 (VE7BEL). This was well before the days of repeater frequency coordination and we had just lately listed with BCARCC.org.

CVARS ran into a technical problem with a new repeater they were trying to implement. It would not program to their new frequency of 224.940 MHz. They determined that they could use 224.900 and we agreed to let them because our VE7BEL repeater was temporarily off-air pending tower repairs. In return, they suggested we should use 224.940.

Then along came the WARA 10-metre project that needs a repeater link, so WARA will be able to put the old repeater equipment (formerly 224.900) back on the air on the new frequency of 224.940 -1.6 T100.0 linked to 10-metres (approx 29.6?? -100kHz T???) frequency pair to be determined soon.


To see a complete list of WARA repeaters and frequencies click here.