Training for Emergency Communications Exercise May 11

24 Apr

CRD radio roomWARA members and other amateurs are invited to take a short training course on Wednesday, May 11, to prepare them for participation in  a large exercise on June 4th.

Several local municipalities as well as the EMBC radio team will participate in a communications exercise on Saturday, June 4th.  This will take just before the very large scale exercise in the US Northwest called Cascadia Rising, and the simultaneous exercise in Port Alberni called Coastal Response.  The scenario is a magnitude 9 earthquake west of Vancouver Island, followed by the arrival of a tsunami caused by the earthquake.

The damage from such an event, which has a likelihood of more than 10% of occurring in the next 50 years, would be catastrophic for our area.  In particular, conventional telecommunications would be very severely impacted for at least several days.  The existing emergency radio teams would not be able to sustain operations 24/7 for this long without help from additional volunteers.

We plan to test how well we can incorporate additional volunteers into our teams as part of the exercise.

Local amateurs who can make their way to where they are needed can be helpful in working with existing teams.  They can be much more helpful if they get some initial training in how the EOC radio teams operate, e.g.

  • Packet and PACTOR messaging
  • The Winlink system and accessing it through Remote Message Server (RMS)
  • The use of templates for standard messages
  • Voice message passing
  • Basic logging requirements

If you are interested in participating in the training on May 11, to take place at Victoria Fire Hall, 1234 Yates Street from 7-9 pm, please contact Andy VE7VAW (VE7VAW at

For much more information, you can download the presentation WARA presentation – volunteers that Glenn VE7GRQ gave at our last meeting.