TC10k – Sunday April 29, 2012

23 Jan

This year’s Times-Colonist 10k Run and Walk has taken place, Sunday April 29, 2012. Thanks to everyone for your participation and hard work in making the communications operation a success. There were several medical aid and runner assistance calls which were carried effectively because of our efforts along with hundreds of routine messages and various radio traffic. THANKS!!  Alan va7awm 
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This year’s Times-Colonist 10k Run and Walk will take place on Sunday April 29th 2012. WARA provides race communications each year, requiring over 40 ham radio volunteers. Contact va7awm at shaw dot ca if you wish to volunteer. Big thanks to the 38 30 volunteers registered as of Mar 31.

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered at past TC10k and Marathon events. Your help is much appreciated not only by the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association, but also by the race organizing committees and the participants. They are well aware of the benefit of having a dedicated communications team supporting these events. We work hard to develop a communications plan that incorporates radio links not only from race checkpoints, but also direct communications with medical aid, public safety agencies, specific event venues and the race officials.

If you can help out at the TC10k, or even if you might be available, and wish to have your name on the mailing list, please let me know. I will be tabulating names over the next couple of weeks to prepare a tentative roster. The comms volunteer shifts normally are from about 7 am to noon at the latest for the T10k. If you have a special request, such as arriving late, leaving early, or if you wish to be allocated to a particular duty or a new duty (based on past experience), please let me know, and I will try to accommodate you.

Any questions? Please contact me by email va7awm at shaw dot ca, 73 Alan Mallett va7awm, Public Service Coordinator, WARA