Sept 2013 WARA Auction

3 Aug

Club meeting at 9:30 a.m.
Viewing & Auction about 10 a.m. until noon.
This is a preliminary list and is subject to change. All items are as is with no warranty.
The auction is one-day only. Some items may have a reserved bid.
Purchased items must be paid for by cash or cheque and removed from the location by
the closing time of the auction.
Auction Item Description
1 SL-11A Astron Power Supply,  7 Amp continuous (11 A intermittent)
2 SL-11A Astron Power Supply
3 SL-11A Astron Power Supply
4 SL-11A Astron Power Supply
5 SL-11A Astron Power Supply
6 Pyramid Phase III 13.8V@ 12A
7 Pyramid 13.8V @ 10A
8a,b,c….. Several 12V low amperage Power Supplies
9 No-name 13.8V @ 4A Power Supplies
10 No-name 13.8V @ 16A Power Supplies c/w built-in speaker
11 MFJ Deluxe Versa Tuner MFJ-969
12 ICOM IC2KL + Power Supply Linear Amplifier
13 HAM4 rotor and Control
14 AR33 rotor and control
15 Bearcat 300 Scanner
16 Global Specialties 2001 Function Generator
17 Global Specialties Frequency Counter 500 MHz
18 HD-1422 Antenna Noise Bridge
19 KAM All Mode TNC
20 AEA PK-87 TNC ??
21 ICOM IC228H 2metre transceiver (No Microphone)