Repeater Control Computer Repairs – Spring 2011

8 Feb

Technical reports VE7VIC Feb 7, 2011 – We have an issue coming up with the VE7VIC computer controller. The controller is starting to have severe problems with the clock, a hiss has developed on transmit and the squelch tail mute is making a clicking noise. We also had a loud audible whine caused by RF into the audio leads.

There is fortunately a solution to these problems. A technician has dedicated his time to repairing these old controllers, what luck! He also maintains a related web site. The most talked about problem is the tantalum capacitors which dry up over the many decades of use. We expect over the next couple of months to remove the computer and send it for repairs.  This will mean the repeater 146.84 and 146.66 will operate independently of each other with no autopatch or IRLP or linking.

Background: The unit is an Advanced Computer Controls model RC850, purchased in 1986 for $5200.00. It is unique in that it has no fans or hard drive to fail. So far in all these years we have not used all it’s features. More fun to come! Updates and progress will be reported here. 73 Al VE7BEU.