Repeater Operations Committee Reports

29 Jun

Submitted by Al VE7BEU, Director, Repeater Operations Committee email  ve7beu at muircom dot com

IPod STREAMING AUDIO – VE7VIC 146.840 MHz, and D-Star 145.080 MHz Repeater live audio feed to your IPOD on app Scanner911

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Bulletin: 443.95 repeater back on air, July 12, 2010

Jan 17, 2010 – VE7RTC UHF Repeater 443.950 MHz power amplifier has failed.  Output is 1 Watt instead of usual 50 W. Attempted to repair the amplifier but it is not an "in the field" repair and the amplifier will be sent  back to the manufacturer. We have access to a spare amplifier that can be loaned from Muir Communications Ltd, until the club amp returns from being repaired.
I checked the battery charging system and put it into the "equalize charging mode" for eight hours. Checked the 6-metre repeater operation and linking to 443.950 repeater. Our equipment has been bonded to the new ground system of the site owners.  This may cut down on some of the radio noise at the site.

Listen to the WARA Monday Night Net on IRLP REFLECTOR 9005, from anywhere in the world!

D-Star Linking is operational:
The D-Star system on 145.080 + offset, has just made a notable milestone. Every Friday night at 6pm the system is linked to a Trans-Canada link-up net. A lot of good check-ins from across Canada. If you have a digital D-Star radio, have a listen. To talk to the net, you need to have program into your radio: Repeater 1 = ve7vic, repeater 2 = ve7vic (space) G.
Working on D-Star Digital radios.  Will be on the air in "test mode" from Esquimalt. South Saltspring VA7DSR equipment under construction. D-Star Gateway registration info at Departments|WARA Repeaters.

VE7VIC 146.840 MHz, new 9 dB, 4-dipole Comprod VHF antenna antenna installed Sat. Oct. 3, 2009! CHANGED VE7VIC system back to earlier antenna on Oct 12, by instructions from the Landlord.  Standing by for their contracts!

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