Presentation – Radar vs. U-boats

22 Aug

Join Captain Jerry Mason (USN ret.) VE7YAB for another of his fascinating presentations on German WW II U-boat radio and radar systems.  7:00 pm Tuesday September 18 at Red Cross House, 909 Fairfield..

Radar vs. U-boats” will cover the seesaw battle between Allied Radars and U-boat Radar Detectors.  It begins with the development of radar in the lead up to WWII ending with the fielding of the Chain Home radar network operating in the HF-band.  Then the first air and ship borne radars operating in the VHF-band and the first German radar detectors.  Next, and arguably the greatest technical development of the war, the cavity magnetron enabling compact, lightweight radars operating in the S-band and the German response.  Lastly the fielding of radars operating in the X-band and the most advanced German radar detectors.

Ham Radio Help Needed for Pacific Jamboree 2019

3 Jul

In just over one year from now, the Scout camp at Camp Barnard in Sooke will be hosting the Pacific Jamboree (i.e. PJ19), for some 3000 youth aged 11 to 14 years old for 8 days (July 6 -13, 2019). There is also the possibly of us doing it all again in 2020 for SOAR, the Girl Guide’s big Jamboree for some 2800 girls.

Our team, (i.e. Don Tolson VE7ATJ, Willy Burrows VE7WRB the Camp Ranger and myself Ron Bilinsky VA7RTB), will once again be running a Ham Radio Station at the Jamboree which was a real success last time during PJ15. Continue reading

WARA at Emergency Preparedness Fair

6 May

WARA attended the Emergency Preparedness Fair out in Colwood (May 6, 2018). Al Muir VE7BEU, Frank Andersen VE7GCO, and Glenn Lindsey VE7GRQ represented the club.

Probably the most important activity was the opportunity to network with other radio amateur clubs and emergency radio teams. In the photo above is Al Muir, Frank Andersen, Jay (from CVARS), John Walls (New Horizons ARC – President), Steve Bradshaw (CVARS President)

Two HF propagation websites

5 May

In these times of difficult HF conditions, it’s probably necessary to do some calculating before getting onto the rig and sending “CQ CQ CQ 20 metres.”

The Off Grid Ham website has an article detailing the VOACAP and Proppy propagation calculators. They are pretty cool.