New Victoria UHF Repeater ON AIR!

29 Nov

New Victoria UHF Repeater ON AIR!
by Kevin VE7OVY

443.825 MHz +5 MHz 100.0 Hz TX & RX CTCSS/PL

Kevin VE7OVY would like to announce the commissioning of a new UHF amateur repeater – purchased and sponsored by the Victoria Emergency Management Agency (VEMA). Located at the top of a 12-m (40 ft.) tower on the roof of Victoria #1 Fire Hall, it has been designed to give members of the Victoria Emergency Program UHF handheld coverage in the Victoria/Esquimalt areas. Initial testing shows coverage exceeding expectations, includes basement levels of downtown buildings & portable coverage in Oak Bay. To the north, contact was made with a mobile at Beaver Lake, and to the west Langford/Colwood at Home Depot. Kevin also triggered it from atop the Malahat from his mobile.

The repeater is on an independent 3-hr battery backup and is connected to the Fire Department’s Auxiliary power generator system, which should keep it on air even during extended outages. While this UHF repeater will greatly enhance and support VEMA in their provision of emergency communications, all hams in the greater Victoria area are encouraged to program it in their radios and use it as they would any local repeater. Should there be an ESS exercise or emergency, Victoria’s Emergency Program will take precedence for the duration of the event. The frequency 443.825 MHz is the former Oak Bay repeater frequency, which was generously relinquished & transferred to Victoria (thanks to VE7PL). Future enhancements include CW ID, and a link to IRLP node 1649.

Any comments can be forwarded to Kevin VE7OVY at rac ca