Monday Night Net

6 May

WARA holds a weekly on-air Net every Monday on the VE7VIC Repeater System (146.660, 146.840, 224.140 and 444.875 MHz) and also IRLP Node 9005. The Net starts at 7:00 pm and includes announcements and check-ins.

The Monday Night Net, which has been in existence for over 20 years, provides members and non-members the ability to keep up-to-date with the activities of the club. Directors of WARA make short reports when they check-in about events and activities in their area of responsibility and are available to respond to questions from those listening to the Net.

  • Individuals are encouraged to make comments and announcements at the beginning of the Net or during check-ins.
  • The Net is run by several Net Controllers who operate on a rotational basis. For more information about the Monday Night Net contact Len Howland (VE7BSA) at (250) 656-6555.
  • See below for the Net Script and for hints on how to run the net. This is just a guide, so feel free to use you oun words but follow this template.

SCRIPT for the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association – Monday Night Net

Good evening. This is <your call sign>, net control station for the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association’s Monday night net.

My name is < your first name>
We meet each Monday evening at 7:00 pm (1900) and I will acknowledge Priority Traffic at any time.

The purpose of the net is to inform you of WARA activities; to provide news from other radio clubs or news of interest to Radio Amateurs and to take check-ins from those participating in the net.

This net is heard through the repeater system of WARA.

WARA has Amateur Radio training sessions which start early in the year. You can find information and can  contact us by going to and click on Departments | Education.

Ham Radio operators may be asked to provide their time and equipment to assist with communications during the time of a disaster or emergency. The Emergency Communication Team operates a DIRECTED Net each Wednesday at 7:00 pm on the WARA Repeater System.

Information about WARA services and activities such as Swap and Shop, Emergency Communications, Education and others may be found on our web site (

I now call for any traffic or announcements, please go ahead with your callsign.

*****handle traffic and announcements*****


If you have any additional comments or announcements, please let me know when you check in.

I call for check-ins in groups of 5. Please give your call sign and your first name and I do appreciate the use phonetics for your call sign. If you wish, you may also include your location.

The  N7QDY North Point Repeater on 146.66 MHz (107.2 Hz tone) is not operational at this time.

I will now take check-ins on VA7VIC Salt Spring Island on 146.66 MHz (100 Hz tone)

*****Take check-ins and announcements*****

I will now take check-ins on VE7VIC 224.14 MHz (100 Hz tone)

*****Take check-ins and announcements*****

I will now take check-ins on VE7USA 444.875 MHz (107.2 Hz tone)

*****Take check-ins and announcements*****

I will now take check-ins from IRLP Node 9005

*****Take check-ins and announcements*****

I will now take check-ins on the WARA Main 2-m repeater VE7VIC on 146.84 MHz (100 Hz tone)

*****Take check-ins and announcements*****

Are there any additional check-ins or announcements before I end the Net?

*****Briefly recap announcements from the start of the Net*****

Thank you for the Announcements and Check-ins tonight. I will now close this part of the WARA Monday Net. This is <your call sign> OUT


  • Keep the flow going, don’t leave long periods of silence before the next check-in. After a short listen acknowledge those who have called then ask for more check-ins.
  • A reasonable amount of time might be a second or two after the courtesy tones.
  • Announcements and comments from WARA directors will happen during the first call for announcements or in the regular course of check-ins.
  • A brief recap means a BRIEF highlight of WARA announcements mainly to do with meeting dates, repeat other announcements if you think they need repeating.