Directors 2014 Update

27 Nov

WARA has 5 named Directors and a minimum of 4 Directors-at-Large. As a result of elections held at the November 2014 AGM, the directors are:

1 Christopher Munz-Michielin ve7alb President christopher at ve7alb dot ca   2014 (option to 2015)
2 Hans Oeste ve7oes Vice-President hoeste at shaw dot ca   2015
 Currently vacant    Past President      
4 Brian Mury ve7ngr Treasurer ve7ngr at rac dot ca Examiner 2015
5 Alison  Colgate va7aco Secretary  nanny at victoria dot tc dot ca   2016
6 Jim Chew ve7gof Director-at-Large ve7gof at shaw dot ca Field Day 2016
7 Peter Cross va7ptr Director-at-Large va7ptr at me dot com Membership 2016
Tom Heemskerk  ve7zth Director-at-Large     2016 
9 Nick Filpula va7naf Director-at-Large     2015
10 Alan Mallett va7awm Director-at-Large va7awm at shaw dot ca Public Service, Webmaster, Examiner 2015
11 Al Muir ve7beu Director-at-Large ve7beu at muircom dot com Technical committee 2015
12 Andy Woodsworth ve7vaw Director-at-Large ve7vaw at rac dot ca Education 2015