WARA has joined the Puget Sound HamWan system

18 Jun

A modern, multi-megabit, IP-based, digital network for amateur radio use!

HamWAN is a US, non-profit organization developing best practices for high speed amateur radio data networks. HamWAN also runs the Puget Sound Data Ring, which is a real-world network implementation of the proposed designs.

HamWANSo far, HamWAN networks have been used for things like low-latency repeater linking, real-time video feeds from distant locations, serving APRS I-gates, providing redundant internet access to emergency operations centers, and more. Any licensed radio amateur in the service area can connect their shack directly to the network with just a small investment in equipment and no reoccurring cost. This won’t replace your home Internet connection. However, it works and acts just like one.  See webpage www.hamwan.org

For Victoria it now means we have an emergency internet connection off “the Island”.