Camp Barnard Scout Radio Station Needs Help.

28 May

There are several goals / tasks that we relatively new hams, (i.e. Willy Burrows, the camp ranger at Camp Barnard – VE7WRB and myself, Ron Bilinksy VA7RTB), hope to accomplish this summer for the Camp Barnard Scout Ham Radio Shack in Sooke, located at 3202 Young Lake Road.

This is in preparation for Scout’s “Jamboree on the Air” in October and the next “Scout Jamboree” at Camp Barnard in 2019 where we will again hope to run a Ham radio station. Note : Last summer some 500 scouts attended our temporary Jamboree Ham Radio Station at Camp Barnard and we felt that it was a resounding success.  So, if you or someone you know has the interest, time and technical abilities to help us in completing one or more of these goals in June, July or August this summer, it would be much appreciated.

Note: if you are able to assist us, please contact myself at 250-664-7048 or preferably Willy Burrows at 250-415-1619,  (as I am away much of June), to schedule a date and time that would work for you and Willy, even if it is just for a couple of hours. We may even be able to provide you with coffee, a snack and / or lunch.

PS: Any and all equipment donations are also appreciated as we are a non profit organization with no budget to speak of.

  1. Grounding of our equipment, (i.e. hooking the ham radios up to copper tubing connected to a ground plate)
  2. Determining whether or not our antenna rotor works
  3. Completing our crank tower, (i.e. installing & bracing) – DONE
  4. Adding an antenna to our tower
  5. Connecting coax cable to the tower antenna
  6. Adding safety cladding to our tower, (likely using plywood)  – (Willy’s project)
  7. Hooking up 3 more of our radios
  8. Sorting through our equipment collection, (i.e. what is good, what is bad and what should we sell / trade or trash?)
  9. Putting up another couple of antennas, (we have another 25’ tower and 3 or 4 different uninstalled antennas)
  10. Determining if and where we could have one or two alternate Ham Radio sites at the camp, (i.e. the lodges, the room attached to Mor Kitchen or the back country)
  11. Installing a mobile Ham Radio in Willy’s truck
  12. Installing a brighter light in the Ham Shack – (Willy’s project)
  13. Acquiring a “Club Station” status – how, when & who could sponsor us – (i.e. best if they are a registered scouter)
  14. Determining if our old Yaesu FT101 works – using Dave Court’s loaned power cord
  15. Determining what equipment we still need to acquire, (i.e. must have items – note: we are volunteers on a very limited budget)
  16. Identifying what we need in the way of back-up batteries if and when we were to lose power
  17. Paint the Ham Shack door, (Ron’s project)
  18. Finish painting the workshop, (Ron’s project)
  19. Where to look for further Ham Radio equipment donations & grants, (i.e. we have an ad on
  20. We are also interested in developing some sort of siren / warning system at camp, (which is over 250 acres), to alert campers to emergency situations such as a medical alert, bear on property, fire etc. (we have several outdoor speakers etc. but not the wiring).
Ron Bilinsky  VA7RTB
Scouts Canada
Camp Barnard Camp Committee & Ham Radio Shack
2338 Sunriver Way, Sooke BC V9Z 0Y4
Phone 250-664-7048