April 20 General Meeting – Everyone Welcome

7 Sep

Meetings time and location: 7 pm Red Cross House, 909 Fairfield Rd, Victoria BC
2010 Meeting Schedule: Apr. 20, May 18, Jun. 15, Jul. 20, Aug. 17, Sep. 21, Oct. 19

April 20 General Meeting Agenda:

*Title*: Ad Astra Per Aspera: Canadian Astronomy and NRC’s Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics

*Synopsis*: Starting with an overview of some of the major science objectives of 21st century astronomy, I will provide a sense of the diverse activities underway to meet those objectives in the white buildings on Observatory Hill that everyone sees from afar (but hasn’t visited since elementary school days). The hope is that you will leave with a sense of pride inspired to look up through our light-polluted skies with renewed awe.

May 18 Meeting Agenda – Not available at this time.

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