HF Development Project

Project Goal

The WARA HF team has a goal of creating an operational radio site by the end of 2021.

Requirements Document

A "Requirements Document" has been written with input from interested club members that seeks to clarify a set of requirements for an ideal WARA HF club station. It is for internal discussion purposes.

Why an HF Club Station?

  1. Enjoy “rag chewing” with foreign operators in distant locations
  2. Team with other members to win worldwide radio contests using the club callsign VE7VCC
  3. Enjoy fellowship through discussion, problem solving and community activities
  4. Help kids, young people, men and women to earn and enjoy their radio amateur certificate with “hands-on” education and training
  5. Community engagement showing the benefits of becoming a radio amateur for both individuals and families
  6. Identify opportunities for volunteerism in emergency operations