Ham Shack Focus – Don Tolson VE7ATJ

22 Feb

I’m currently running an FT-991 which handles HF when mobile/portable, and VHF/UHF.  A very sweet rig.  It’s connected to either of two attic antennas – a shortened G5RV for HF work and a Comet SBB-14 vertical for VHF/UHF.  Mostly phone/SSB for the moment, as I work to brush up my Morse code skills (OK @ 10 wpm, but I want to get back to my 15-18 wpm level.)

The main HF rig is a FLEX 6500.  Still learning the ins-and-outs of this amazing SDR, but what a pleasure having up to 4 receivers with panafalls!  The FLEX is connected to a 43′ vertical wire antenna attached to a big old fir tree in the backyard.  If you look carefully, you might just see the staples attaching the antenna to the tree.  (My strata has severe restrictions on visible antennas, so this works perfectly for me, and the neighbours!)


At the base of the tree are over 25 radials (25 ft. each) buried in the lawn and garden.  They are attached to a stainless steel plate connected to the grounding cx at the un-un at the base of the antenna.  Seems to work well!

Really proud of how this is working — especially with 100W or less usually.  Here’s the Log Map as of June, 2016.