Frank Eichel VE7AWV – presenter on February 21, 2017

16 Feb

Frank Eichel VE7AWV will be WARA’s presenter on February 21, 2017.

His topic is “Installing an Optibeam yagi on a short tower on the roof of my house”.

Frank with his first home built CW transmitter.

Below is a short bio found on Frank’s QRZ webpage. I heartily suggest you log in to QRZ and have a look at his photos.

I became interested in ham radio when I was 13 after reading a mystery novel that featured ham radio. Soon after, I started taking apart TVs and fixing AM radios and turntables.

I got my first radio at the age of 14, a Mark III No. 19 set (, in a large carton of war surplus gear from a supplier in Winnipeg.

Back then I was living in a tiny town of Midway with no hams around for miles. I relied on hamfests to make new friends who helped me by lending me a transmitter after I got my first license at 17. A radio and wireless correspondence course in high school helped me pass the technical exam. A year later I got my advanced ticket.

In 1973, I bought a brand new Yaesu FT-200 which I still have to this day. Exactly 40 years later, I replaced it with the Genesis Radio G11 11-band transceiver, running 10 watts into a Cushcraft A4S tri-bander on a 12 metre tower. The tower was taken down in August 2014 and replaced with a rooftop tower with an Optibeam OB9-5 installed on a Spid RAK rotator. With the sunspot cycle declining, I am using the Genesis as an SDR receiver and an ICOM 751A as the transmitter.