Find a New Home for Your Old Computer

25 Aug

Kip Rumble VE7HVR forwarded the following information in response to a question on a recent WARA net about where to dispose of used computers. Les Fairweather, a silent key, was an early player in the recycling of computers for needy persons who could not otherwise afford them. Jim Butler and Larry Gagnon VE7EA carry this much needed service…..

FIND A COMPUTER A HOME (Click here for link) is a very small, unregistered charity in Victoria BC, Canada. We provide recycled and refurbished computers to citizens of Victoria who “normally cannot afford to purchase their own computer”. Our goal is to assist disadvantaged citizens to become part of the technological revolution. Priority for computers goes to those training to enter the workforce or upgrade their employment, people of limited mobility and students. Click on Read More (below) to read more…

An environmental offshoot of this goal is that we also keep a number of very serviceable electronic items out of the landfills and extend their useful working lives. Donations of Computers and Computer Parts Gratefully Accepted with Free Pick-Up within the Greater Victoria area. That includes Central Saanich and Metchosin but we may be tempted further afield by some very good equipment. If you would like to contribute we need:

  • Pentium 500 or faster working computers
  • 17″ CRT monitors, working and clean,
  • 128MB DIMM or larger memory modules
  • CD (or DVD) writer drives
  • Hard Drives larger than 5GB
  • external 56k modems

For free pickup contact either:

  • Jim Butler telephone (250) 474-3446
  • Larry Gagnon VE7EA telephone (250) 382-1266