Field Day dipole tested

19 May

The folded ‘skeleton sleeve’ dipole antenna for Field Day 2017 was finished and tested today on the roof of UVic’s engineering lab. Despite all the metalwork around the antenna (see photo), relatively low height plus snagging the coax around one of the 450 ohm ladder-line legs (!) it plays nicely.

Despite being tested in an inverted-V configuration, the SWR was 1.2:1 pretty much across the 20m band, and around 2.2:1 on 40m. Hopefully the figure for 40m will be better at Field Day when the legs (arms?) are horizontal and the height is greater without nearby metalwork. Not that it really matters since we’ll be using an ATU to ensure a good match as a precaution against mishaps to our new bandpass filter units.

Onward and upward – only 5 weeks to go!

73 de Steve

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