Field Day 2017 – less than a week to go!

18 Jun

The big weekend is almost upon us once again! if you’re coming out to Heritage Acres please take the time to read through the following information carefully.

Above all, have a great time!

73. Steve VA7KH & the WARA Field Day Committee

When: Saturday, June 24 – Sunday, June 25.

Setup commences around 10 am Saturday with first transmissions around noon. Radios stop sending at the same time on Sunday, followed by tear-down and depart site around 2 – 3 pm.

Where: Saanich Historical Artifacts Society, 7321 Lochside Drive, Saanichton V8M 1W4

Turn off the Pat Bay highway at Island View Rd traffic lights. Michell’s Farm provides a good landmark. Opposite Michell’s Farm turn left onto Lochside Drive. Heritage Acres is at the end of this road after a few hundred yards.

Be aware that Lochside Drive is busy with cyclists at all times and please be especially careful when leaving the site as the entrance/exit gate is where the Lochside Trail feeds into Lochside Drive.

When to arrive: If you’re helping out with site setup, around 10 am is a good time to arrive. If you’re operating a main station or the GOTA station, then plan to arrive from around noon onwards which is when transmitting gets under way.
Parking: Unless you need to park within the operating area, there is a large parking lot 50 yds on the left after entering through the main gate just off Lochside Drive. The Field Day site is just a few yards up the drive opposite the parking lot.
Talk-in frequencies: If you’d like to let us know when you’re en-route, or need direction assistance, give an initial call on the WARA repeater 146.840 MHz. For more detailed instructions or general information please move to the simplex frequency of 146.580 MHz.
Safety on site Please follow any instructions given by either of our safety officers Glenn Lindsey (VE7GRQ) or Bill Acosta (VE7BTZ). Safety is our top priority and will be enforced at all times. Please keep alert for any potential safety issues yourself. If you have any concerns, please report them to Glenn or Bill immediately.
Operating non-event amateur radio rigs Please do not operate any personal HF or VHF/UHF transmitters on site, whether from a vehicle or on foot with a hand-held radio. This could cause serious issues for the main event stations.
Bring-and-Buy table This year WARA will have a bring and buy table for members to bring their unwanted and surplus amateur radio related equipment. If you don’t manage to sell your item/s, we would request you take them back with you when you leave.
Food There will be a free pizza lunch on site after the stations and antennas have been set up. Then at 5:00 pm – 5:30 pm WARA hosts the ever-popular Field Day BBQ. You are warmly invited to come along for great food and company. Vegetarian hot dishes will be available in addition to the usual BBQ food. It’s the perfect time to socialize and chat with your fellow hams!

If you’d like to contribute salad or dessert items that would be appreciated but please, nothing containing mayo and no uncooked dairy or egg products.

Personal comfort Full washroom facilities are available on site.

It can get very hot at Heritage Acres and the latest weather forecast is indicating lots of sunshine and mid- to high-20s temperatures. Please ensure you bring sun cream, protective clothing and head-gear, and adequate water supplies. There will be plenty of water on site but it’s always good practice to have your own supply. If you’re staying in the evening or overnight, it’s prudent to bring bug cream or spray. Bear in mind too that it can get pretty cold overnight, so bring some warm clothing as well

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