February 19, 2019 General Meeting

22 Jan

Our February meeting, (location JCC, 3636 Shelbourne, Feb. 19 at 7 pm) will feature a web-based presentation by Mr. Michael Walker (VA3MW) from FlexRadio. Mike has been a ham since 1974. He has worked on computers with 64,000 tubes in them that were part of IBM/Norad. He enjoys DX, contesting meteor scatter etc. He enjoys working on station integration, making things work automatically. Technology is his hobby! Topics include:

  • Talk about the SDR radio and the Flex implementation and how Flex leveraged it.
  • How it is designed for simple and easy station integration
  • Remoting of your HF radio for either your friends to share or a more detailed station that is 100% remote
  • Product overview of the models

Depending on time, we may have a short bit time for Q and A. Come out and learn about a SDR Based transceiver. Hope to see you there, Brent Besse VA7BNB, President

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