Learning Morse code

2 Dec

Want to learn Morse code?

WARA has code files on this site. Click on the Education link at the top of the page and you’ll find the files at the bottom of the drop-down window. Download them to your phone or a digital recorder, then play them back. Easy to learn. Just be persistent.

Once you’ve mastered the letters and the numbers, check out these online sites for three Morse code programs. I’ve used the first two but not the third (although I understand it’s good, too.)

The nice thing about all three of these programs is the number of YouTube ‘help’ videos to help you configure and run them. Enjoy.

VE7VCC took top honors in B.C.

19 Nov
[from Steve Pocock VA7KH – former director for the WARA Field Day]
ARRL Field Day 2017 results have just been published.
WARA station VE7VCC took top honors in B.C. We came FIRST in our 2A category. In Canada, we came in 6th overall, bettered only by 3x VE3, 1x VE2 and 1x VE1 stations. A fantastic achievement.
Another figure to digest, assuming my math is correct (please check!), we beat 80% of all other stations in North America, irrespective of category, power and location, coming 593rd out of 2,964 total entries.
[To view these fabulous results click here – also you can check out the Field Day 2017 in the gallery to the right]
[Congratulations Steve – Glenn VE7GRQ – WARA Secretary]