Antenna Launcher

30 Jan

Ever wondered how those antennas at WARA’s Field Day get up into the trees at the Saanich Historical Artifacts site?

Dave Court VE7DFP is the brains behind this antenna launcher. It’s not quite as powerful as a Saturn V rocket, but it does the job we need for getting antennas up into the air.

Here’s what Dave writes “Thought I’d share my antenna launcher with you. This one is made using an old whip cream bottle for the pressure vessel and a lawn sprinkler valve as the trigger. Works great for getting the lines up in the trees.”

Thanks Dave for your work at WARA’s Field Day and for your contribution to the website.

By the way, if you would like to help with launching antennas or any of the other myriad of jobs for WARA Field Day 2017 (like operating CW or SSB), contact Steve Pocock VA7KH.