Welcome JH1RCA/VE7

19 Sep

From Sept. 17 to 22, 2016, Japanese ham operator Hitoshi Motai is visiting Victoria for a few days for a family get together. He has set up his IC-7300 HF station under the callsign JH1RCA/VE7 and is operating on 40, 20, and 17 metres but only in the more limited Japanese allocation on those bands. His goals was to catch some good DX, talk back to his home country, and also get some North American contacts. After visiting him the other day to assist with tuning his multi-band antenna, Hitoshi was starting to log some contacts. He was impressed how strong the signals are from California. Joe Young VE7BFK and Alan Mallett VA7AWM both provided  assistance and a fine welcome to Hitoshi. (Anyone interested in how a Japanese ham gets a permit to operate in Canada can contact Alan va7awm for info, and vice versa: If you want a permit to operate in Japan, Joe Young VE7BFK has experience.)