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VE7VCC took top honors in B.C.

[from Steve Pocock VA7KH – former director for the WARA Field Day]
ARRL Field Day 2017 results have just been published.
WARA station VE7VCC took top honors in B.C. We came FIRST in our 2A category. In Canada, we came in 6th overall, bettered only by 3x VE3,...Read More »

A look-back at WARA Field Day 2017

Field Day 2017 may be  over for another year, but 2018 planning and preparation is already underway. How did we do this year? The short answer: very well indeed.

We had 57 people help out at Heritage Acres, our regular site for Field Day, with everyone contributing to...Read More »

Field Day 2017 - less than a week to go!

The big weekend is almost upon us once again! if you’re coming out to Heritage Acres please take the time to read through the following information carefully.

Above all, have a great time!

73. Steve VA7KH & the WARA Field Day Committee

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Field Day questionnaire

In case you haven’t  checked your email recently, there’s a short questionnaire that we’re asking every member to complete. It will only take a minute or two and will greatly help Field Day organizers plan for the event. Please follow this link:

Thanks to those who have...Read More »

Field Day dipole tested

The folded ‘skeleton sleeve’ dipole antenna for Field Day 2017 was finished and tested today on the roof of UVic’s engineering lab. Despite all the metalwork around the antenna (see photo), relatively low height plus snagging the coax around one of the 450 ohm ladder-line legs (!)...Read More »

Steve VA7KH talks about Field Day tonight

Come hear Steve Pocock, VA7KH, present the plans for this year’s Field Day.  There will be an interesting new antenna this time, a “Get On The Air” station for new hams and for the public to try, and also a different contest logging system.  Steve will speaking...Read More »

First step in building a Field Day dipole

Here’s a 1:1 current balun I wound for the folded ‘skeleton sleeve’ 40m/20m dipole antenna that we’re building for our second Field Day antenna:

1:1 current balun: 10 bifilar wound turns of 18 AWG magnet wire covered in 16 AWG PTFE...Read More »

Fun Field Day Factoids - 8 weeks to go!

Field Day is the largest annual on-air event in the whole of amateur radio and has been going since 1933, the only hiatus being from 1943-1945 during WW II.

In 1976, W1VV/1 was the first station to break the 10,000 QSO mark. They broke the 1933 record in...Read More »

Field Day 2017 - Event details and Operations

Event location and timetable

When: June 24-25, 2017

Where: Saanich Historical Artifacts Society (Heritage Acres), 7321 Lochside Drive, Saanichton. BC. V8M 1W4

Washroom facilities are available on site. Bring plenty of sun cream and a hat as the site can be very hot. For those staying for the BBQ and...Read More »

Field Day 2017 Part 3 - FD vs. Contesting vs. Emergency communication skills

Participating as an operator in Field Day, regardless of mode, provides you with two vital skills: 1) you learn to become efficient and accurate information communicators, providing and requesting confirmation ‘fills’ when needed, and 2) perhaps without even realizing it, you enhance your emergency communication skills.

How so?...Read More »

Field Day 2017 - Part 2 Operating Introduction

January’s blog gave a general introduction to Field Day. We’ll now look in greater detail at the operational side of Field Day.

Who can operate a radio at Field Day?

  • New licensees or non-licensed people are encouraged to operate the “Get On The Air” (GOTA) station.
  • The short answer: anyone....Read More »

Antenna Launcher

Ever wondered how those antennas at WARA’s Field Day get up into the trees at the Saanich Historical Artifacts site?

Dave Court VE7DFP is the brains behind this antenna launcher. It’s not quite as powerful as a Saturn V rocket, but it does the job we need for...Read More »

Field Day 2017 Introduction

This is the first of a series of short monthly introductions to “Field Day” (FD) and why it’s a unique annual event for everyone regardless of age, gender, technical knowledge, operating experience and interests. These articles will provide an account of what takes place each year over...Read More »

Field Day Report 2016 with photos and video link

Some of the operators

Al (VE7BEU) and I (VE7GOF) were able to go into CFAX Radio on June 20 and talk with Frank Stanford for 1/2 hour. Thank you Al for coming with me, we were able to cover a lot more areas besides Field Day which I could not have done alone.

Saturday...Read More »

Al Muir and Jim Chew talk about Field Day on CFAX

On June 20, Jim and Al explained amateur radio and Field Day to Frank Stanford on CFAX 1070.  Click below to listen.

...Read More »

Field Day Report -- 2015

Thank you to all that came out, we hope that everyone had a great time.  Over the two days we had about 90 people involved. This includes about 40 who came out for the barbeque.  Once again, our President Christopher VE7ALB/VA7OL has produced an excellent video; watch...Read More »

Amateur Radio Field Day

Location: Saanich Historical Artifacts Society, 7321 Lochside Dr. Victoria BC Canada


WARA invites all hams as well as the general public to participate in ARRL Field Day. The purpose...Read More »

Field Day 2014 - is history!

Field Day was June 28-29, 2014 at Heritage Acres

Field Day is part educational event, part operating event, part public relations event, and all about fun!  See our Field Day page for more information including the report on Field Day 2014...Read More »

Field Day June 22-23, 2013

Field Day 2013 Report


While the numbers were down a bit right across the board, the weather was good and everyone enjoyed themselves. Hans VE7OES and Myself (Jim, VE7GOF) as co-chairs for field day received numerous comments after the passing of Alan VE7WU that something...Read More »

Field Day 2012 Report

Field Day 2012 Vancouver Island

Victoria New Horizons Amateur Radio Club and the Victoria Short Wave Club joined with West coast Amateur Radio Association for Field Day this year. The location was Saanich Historical Artifacts Society, 7321 Lochside Dr. Victoria BC Canada.

Field Day Video Released by Christopher ve7alb. Read More »

Field Day 2010 - Huge Success



WARA hosted the 2010 ARRL Field Day at the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society on June 26 – 27.  Once again we threw it open to any Amateur operators of group who wished...Read More »

Field Day 2007 Huge Success

Hello All – Field Day is over with for another year. It was a great success at the Saanich Historical Society site. Lots of Ham and general public visitors. A very large "thanks" goes to all of you that helped with the setups and take...Read More »



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