Board of Directors

WARA has five named Directors and a minimum of four Directors-at-Large. As a result of elections held at the Annual General Meeting on November 21, 2017, plus the subsequent appointment of a Secretary, the directors are:

WARA Directors

#PositionNamePortfolioTerm End 
1PresidentGlenn Lindsey VE7GRQ2019
2Vice-PresidentAlan Mallett VA7AWMExaminer2018
3Past PresidentAl Muir VE7BEURepeater Operations Committee2019
4TreasurerBrian Summers VE7JKZ2018
5SecretaryDylan Dawson VE7BAE2019
6Director-at-LargePeter Cross VA7PTRMembership2018
7Director-at-LargeTom Heemskerk VE7ZTH2018
8Director-at-LargeDavid James VA7VKEducation2018
9Director-at-LargeBrent Besse VA7BNB2019
10Director-at-LargeHans Oeste VE7OES2019
11Director-at-LargeFrank Andersen VE7GCO2019
12Director-at-LargeChris Munz-Michielin VE7ALBEmergency Communications Team / Red Cross2019
13Director-at-LargeGil Hodges VE7GLT2018