CW Training at JDF Senior Centre

16 Sep

Dave Court, VE7DFP, reports the start of  a new season with ground level training in CW at JDF Senior Centre and also a faster level for those who have moved up from last year’s training. Those starting out are members of the Senior Centre.

We will be starting a QRP CW radio kit building component as well. The kits are ordered and we will start putting them together when they arrive. They will be dedicated to the CW portion of the band and are 1 watt. We are looking forward to some kind of a CW net where we are forced to use our CW skills to communicate with a radio that we have built ourselves.

Some of our group has built our own paddle CW keys. Please see photos. Some of them are a bit strange but do actually work well.  Click on an image to start the slide show.

For more information contact Dave at davecourt at outlook dot com.