CQWWCW160 Contest

29 Jan

The CQWWCW160 Contest was held this past weekend. Brian Summers VE7JKZ – a WARA member – participated and ran up some impressive numbers.

348 QSOs, 48 States/Provinces, and nine countries for a claimed score of 97,527.

Brian writes about his system “Radio is home made. CW/SSB all bands, software defined radio ‘Picastar’. Linear is home made, pair of 4-125A tubes grounded grid. Covers 30 through 160m with a nominal 400W output. Antenna is an 80ft centre fed doublet at 40ft, fed with 450 ohm line and arranged so it can be used as a top loaded vertical T antenna on 80 and 160. Base matching L networks home made. Minimal ground system but works well.”

Brian would like to know if any other WARA members participated in the CQWWCW160 Contest.