WARA’s Emergency Radio Kits

26 Jan
By Len Howland VE7BSA    Many years ago before the current well-developed emergency radio groups did so, WARA developed emergency radio procedures and training in support of the Canadian Red Cross, BC Coastal Region.  Tote boxes containing 2-metre radios, antennas, ... Read more »

ECT and Red Cross

6 Nov
The Westcoast Amateur Radio Association (WARA) and the Victoria Branch of the Canadian Red Cross signed a Memorandum of Understanding on July 10, 1996. This memorandum outlines an understanding wherein WARA will provide radio communication for the Red Cross Society ... Read more »

ECT Net Roster

10 Dec
Net Control for the Wednesday Night ECT net.   ECT Net Control Operators Revised Schedule Jan 9, 2018 Dec 6, 2017 Don VE7ATJ Dec 13, 2017 Len VE7BSA Dec 20, 2017 Christopher VE7ALB Dec 27, 2017 George VE7GCK Jan 3, 2018 ... Read more »