Raising a tower for Brian VE7JKZ

17 Jul

On Saturday, July 15, WARA volunteers came together to help Brian Summers VE7JKZ raise a 48-foot Delhi tower. The volunteers were Mitch McKay VE7KMN, David James VA7VK, Al Muir VE7BEU, Don Jordan VE7DJ, Bruce Light VE7BSM, and Glenn Lindsey VE7GRQ.

Mitch and Brian worked hard up in the stratosphere in rather glorious weather while the rest of the team pulled up the sections using a gin pole. A Force 12 C-4S antenna will eventually adorn the top of the tower.

After the tower was raised, Brian and his wife Naomi feted everyone with pizza, beer, and wine. We happily scarfed down the pizzas while sitting on the deck.

More photos in the gallery to the right.

Field Day questionnaire

3 Jun
In case you haven’t  checked your email recently, there’s a short questionnaire that we’re asking every member to complete. It will only take a minute or two and will greatly help Field Day organizers plan for the event. Please follow ... Read more »

Welcome to New WARA Hams

24 May

A warm congratulation to hams who obtained their Basic and/or upgraded to Advanced on completion of the WARA ham course.  If you hear our new graduates on the air, why not congratulate them yourself?

And thanks to Robin VE7DFI for the donation of an Icom V-80 and to Jennifer Verrall for the donation of a Wouxun handheld, which were won by two of the new hams during the graduation social event at the Lido Bistro, organized by Glenn VE7GRQ.

Chessa VA7XPL Basic Lee VA7TLE Advanced
Cory VE7PKN Basic Max VA7MVO Basic
Brian VE7IBW Basic Julia VA7JBB Basic
Don VA7PPL Basic Jon VA7WPT Basic + Advanced
Dave VA7DWZ Basic Marc VE7PMG Basic + Advanced
John VE7JSP Advanced Todd VE7TPX Basic